Venezuelan women’s football team denounced their coach for sexual abuse



Venezuelan women’s football team denounced their coach for sexual abuse

24 players from the national football team have denounced former coach Kenneth Zseremeta for sexual abuse, in addition to manipulation and threats.

  • 24 players from the national football team have denounced former coach Kenneth Zseremeta for sexual abuse, in addition to manipulation and threats.
    • ANC-imposed attorney general Tarek William Saab has announced that there will be an investigation.

Transparencia Venezuela has warned that there could be “opaque management of public finances” by the interim government.

    • Transparencia said the checks and balances provided by interim government agents were incomplete and not supported by public reports.
    • Transparencia also said that the National Assembly elected in 2015 failed to deliver a conclusive report demanding the use of transparent processes due to allegations of embezzlement and donations to support military officers in Cúcuta in 2019.
  • Juan Guaidó proposed a decree for the restructuring of Monómeros, where he proposed to appoint a provisional general manager and a commission that will define the professional profiles that the general manager and the five members of the board should have, by engaging a human resources agency to choose the candidates and then present them to the Assembly. Assembly vice-president Juan Pablo Guanipa (Primero Justicia) postponed the debate because the idea had not been notified before.

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  • CNE rector Roberto Picón said the CNE and the EU agreed on the terms of the mission and stressed that the members of the mission will have freedom of action. He mentioned that a Carter Center delegation is studying the coming election and that the CNE has agreed with the Executive that there will be “no kind of political checkpoint” on November 21.
  • Carlos Ocariz called on mayors who are members of the Fuerza Vecinal ready-to-wear political party to respect MUD’s decision on his candidacy.
  • Richard Mardo assured that he was still awaiting a response from the CNE and the TSJ about his unfair ban on running for office.

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  • Maduro’s ambassador to Cuba, Adán Chávez is on tour in Russia. He met the Russian authorities to discuss “matters concerning the bilateral relationship”. He visited the United Russia political party and spoke about the “history” of the revolution.
  • Sidor announced that 500 of his workers will join Bolivar Renace’s Beautification Plan, linked to the PSUV candidates’ campaign.
  • Diosdado Cabello was sworn in as PSUV Monagas campaign leader, and they used state media to broadcast it.

To decrease cases of COVID-19, the GNB has set up checkpoints on the roads to enter Caracas and demanded safe passage certifications to allow citizens to travel to the capital, without warning.

  • The mayor of the municipality of Bolívar in Táchira William Gómez said that the general public is not yet allowed to cross the border, it is only for students and medical emergencies and said that commercial activity will have to use the Francisco de Paula Santander Bridge. The mayor of the municipality of Pedro María Ureña, Jhon Carrillo, estimated that the border could be fully open in two weeks. Governor Laidy Gómez assured that there was no agreement establishing timetables or means to reopen the borders and that so far it was only electoral propaganda.
  • Due to the capital injection by BCV on the stock exchange, the dollar continued to decline and closed at 3.98 bolivars on Tuesday.

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  • Maduro’s regime has quietly doubled the price of subsidized gas: it went from 0.005 to 0.01 bolivar per liter. The dollar price remains $ 0.5 per liter.
  • Authorities of Anzoátegui, Mérida and Monagas declared an epidemic alert for cases of yellow fever, after its eradication 14 years ago.
  • The IACHR condemned the “violent and xenophobic acts” against Venezuelan migrants in Iquique, Chile.
  • Guyana has found two survivors (out of 20 passengers) of the sinking in Delta Amacuro.
  • Nigerian-led drug smuggling ring is recruiting Venezuelans as mules to transport drugs to Europe, new investigation by Alianza rebelde (ARI).
  • Adrián Velásquez Figueroa, Hugo Chávez’s former bodyguard, asked not to be extradited from Spain and assured that he had not participated in money laundering schemes, that his income came mainly from of commercial activities and that his partner, former nurse and national treasurer Claudia Diaz is not guilty either.
  • Colombian President Iván Duque has said he is ready to reopen consular services in Venezuela, which were suspended in 2019 when Maduro expelled Colombian diplomats, but only if security is guaranteed.
  • NASA showed images of pollution caused by oil spills in Lake Maracaibo.

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