Tracy Walker explains why he trusts the Lions coaching staff


Tracy Walker celebrates after interception in 2021

One of the main talking points for the 2021 Detroit Lions was the fact that the team has managed to stay together and create the right kind of environment for players and staff.

Culture was a buzzword for the team, and after the negativity of the Matt Patricia era, the team seems to have found the right change when it comes to Matt Patricia and his team. This year, the team locker room has regrouped significantly with its new staff.

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Lions safety Tracy Walker provided a great illustration of why he feels so good with the coaches he played for in 2021. As he said, respect is a buzzword for the staff. and the players and there is a good interaction between the coaches and their players which caught Walker’s attention.

Speaking to the media, Walker explained his thoughts on his staff and explained as stated in a tweet from Nolan Bianchi, and the response is pretty good for Lions fans who want tangible hope for the future.

“It plays a huge role, for sure. Like I said, if you don’t agree with your coaches and your coaching staff, man, it can be very damaging to your team. I have the impression that with these coaches, they believe in the players. They first understand what it’s like to be a player, so they listen. Sometimes we might not be right as players, but they’re always open to hearing it. This is the most important thing for me. It was the biggest difference, honestly. I respect these coaches for that, giving me a voice and allowing me to express my opinions and listen to myself whether I’m right or wrong. And that’s the difference between these coaches. That’s why I rehearse them the way I do, ”Walker said.

Respect was a buzzword for Patricia and the Lions, and now with Campbell and the Lions for opposite reasons. It’s clear that the Lions players love Campbell and have struggled for Patricia in many cases.

Hearing these words should be seen as positive for Lions moving forward in terms of building a winning culture that they can maintain.

Walker stats and highlights

Walker spoke about the return of free agency to Detroit
Walker, a free agent, was praised for winning in the 2021 season on the field in defense of Detroit. In high school, Walker has entrenched the safety position well over the past few seasons and, while a free agent, might wish to stay where he is.

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Speak with the media at the end of November in an interview Posted on, Walker was asked about his future prospects. Like he said, he wants to stay in Detroit, but only if the team has it.

“I wouldn’t mind (that).” I really see myself like I said, I have to control what I can control. Everything can happen. I go out here, I give everything to these guys, the technical staff. God willing, I’ll be here. Otherwise, so be it, I’ll look for my talents elsewhere, ”Walker told media. “But I hope I’m here. At the end of the day, I have to control what I can control and what I live by. I take it every day day after day and that is the main thing.

Walker went on to become one of the Lions’ team leaders and was a player who stepped up and delivered solid play. What impression did he make on the new staff, however? Plus, how much money will he want? This is the key point that will determine whether Walker returns in 2022 or not.

At this point, however, it looks like there could be a reunion if the Lions are open to it this offseason for several reasons.

Walker stats and highlights

During his Detroit career, Walker has been solid since being a third-round pick in 2018. His first season in the league, Walker managed to put up 21 tackles and 1 interception. From there, however, he only played a bigger role and managed to play a more meaningful role in team defense. In 2019, Walker rebounded and had his best season yet, with 103 tackles and 1 interception. In 2021, Walker had another solid year with 108 tackles, 1 sack and 1 interception. In total, Walker had 318 tackles, 3 sacks and 3 interceptions. Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

Highlights of Tracy WalkerSong 7.62 God Song by Pooh Shiesty Follow our ig @detroit_lions_news2021-03-14T19: 24: 31Z

Walker is a free agent during the 2022 offseason, so it will be interesting to see whether or not the Lions choose to bring him back and if he returns. Already, it seems that this can be the case thanks to the technical staff of the team.

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