Thirty-two student-athletes inducted into the LEAD Academy


ATHENS, Georgia — The Georgia Way program at the University of Georgia inducted 32 student-athletes into its Student-Athlete Leadership Academy Monday evening in a virtual ceremony.

This marks the 12e year of the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) program. The inductees join 37 ghosts at LEAD Academy.

Inductees are chosen based on academic and athletic achievement, leadership, involvement in community and campus services, and recommendations from head coaches and educational advisors.

New inductees include baseball player Fernando Gonzalez, male basketball player Jaxon Etter, female basketball player Sarah-Ashlee Barker, Cela Bresch equestrian riders, Ada Rohan, Sophia Pilla and Hannah Smith; footballers Chad Lindberg and Kendall Milton, golfer Celeste Dao, gymnasts Haley De Jong, Alyssa Perez-Lugones and Megan Roberts; footballers Ali Kalayjian and Mallie McKenzie; softball players Aniyah Black, Sydney Chambley, Jaiden Fields and Savana Sikes; Swim and Dive Team Members Jillian Barczyk, Portia Brown, Zach Franklin, Zoie Hartman, Zach Hils, Dakota Luther and Camden Murphy; track team members Caleb Cavanaugh, Kyle Garland, Titiana Marsh and Clay Pender; and volleyball players Kacie Evans and Meghan Fromoemming.

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