Taj Manning Launches Kansas State Recruiting Class of 2022



At the beginning of summer, Bruce weber and his staff from the state of Kansas locked up Taj Manning and their efforts paid off on Saturday.

The 6-foot-7 Kansas City forward who is playing his senior season at La Porte, Ind. La Lumière is now a Wildcat and it has a lot to do with the top-down efforts of Weber and his staff. during his informal and official visits.

“That was the relationship I have with the entire coaching staff, not just an assistant or the head coach,” Manning told 247Sports when asked why he got involved. just welcomed me with open arms.

“The first time I went there during the summer on an unofficial visit, all the staff were waiting for me when I got out of the car. Then on the official it was even better because they didn’t have the limits of what they could do, so it was like the official but twice as much.

While the attack at all levels was important, Manning’s relationship with Weber and the way he saw him interact with everyone he comes in contact with convinced him.

“My relationship with him is great,” Manning said. “On my official I brought my sisters there with me and seeing how he interacted with them and my niece you could see he was just a great guy. Getting to know him on a personal level, all the way. my family liked him, i liked him. its not him talking to me, its seeing him hanging out with the guys and the coaches and seeing what kind of guy he is on a daily basis and how he interacts with it his team.

A high energy attacker who plays over the ledge, smashes glass and runs to the ground. Manning does all the little things, but after watching him all summer with KC Run GMC, the Wildcats staff consider the three-star prospect and the 31st four-man in the class of 2022 to be a guy who has the potential to be a major factor.

“They see me as a three-level scorer,” Manning said. “Based on the video they showed me during the visit, they saw me how to fit into the offensive. They showed me Dean Wade and showed me how he used his height to his advantage and how if he had a bigger guy he would take him outside and if it was a smaller guy he would post. He was playing from the inside, from the middle post to the perimeter.

With his recruiting out of the way, Manning can now focus on his final year of high school and he has been blunt in explaining what Kansas State fans can expect from him over the next four years.

“I feel like a weight is on my shoulders and now I can just focus on my season,” Manning said. “It was probably the hardest decision I’ve made in my life. You can guarantee they’re going to get 100 percent of me every day.


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