Seamus Coleman is confident Everton fans will support Rafa Benitez despite Liverpool history and previous gybes at the club


Seamus Coleman is confident that Everton fans will be able to move beyond Rafa Benitez’s story and support the new manager for the sake of the greater good.

he appointment of the former Liverpool boss has caused some consternation among Toffees fans, especially over a 2007 comment where he called Everton a “little club” following a fiery Merseyside derby.

Benitez sought to fix that issue this week, suggesting he was questioning the mentality at the time while fighting for his then employer.

Club captain Coleman believes Everton’s collective desire to succeed should prove to be strong enough to move forward and move forward.

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Seamus Coleman was speaking as a Spar Ambassador at the launch of their Better Choices campaign.

Seamus Coleman was speaking as a Spar Ambassador at the launch of their Better Choices campaign.

“I know the Everton fans, I know this appointment was not easy,” said Coleman.

“Everton fans, they love their club, they see a man who came in and managed Liverpool and made the comment you mentioned.

“I also know that the Everton fans are a very united group, they support every manager that we have ever had and they will support this manager because at the end of the day we all want to be successful.

“We’ve had that financial backing and I think it made us a little bit keen to get it right as quickly as possible. Now that the manager is here, they will back him 100%. I have no doubt about that.

“Like everything in football then, it’s all about results and I’m sure the manager will get good results for us and we can all move forward with the summer talks and his previous ties,” he said. Coleman continued, speaking as a Spar Ambassador at the launch of their Better Choices campaign.

The 32-year-old admitted that the club’s managerial turnover was frustrating, with Carlo Ancelotti’s departure for Real Madrid coming as a surprise when it appeared to represent stability.

He referred to Farhad Moshiri’s support and an imminent move to a new stadium as both a reason for optimism and a source of motivation to get it right.

“What’s disappointing for me is that we’ve had so many managers and we’ve changed over the years,” said Coleman.

“At the end of the day for me it’s a reflection on the players, I don’t think it’s always a reflection on the manager. I’ve been there for 10 or 12 years so it can be a reflection on me .

“I’m sure people are sick of hearing me say this, but now we all have to fully support the new manager and try first and foremost to impress him and get into his plans and try to be successful for Everton Football Club because this is what we all want, this is what the board wants, this is what the players want, this is what the manager will want and this is what the fans will want.

“We are crying for this success and we don’t have that recipe yet for some reason. I think the club will win a trophy very soon. I don’t know how soon but that’s what we’re all looking for.

“The manager has won trophies in most of the places he’s been. He had a good time at Valencia, he won stuff at Chelsea, we know he won stuff at Liverpool. He did well. with Newcastle and won a cup with Napoli. So he’s a successful manager and I think as a club we have to support that. We all want the same.

“We’re going to a new stadium very soon. We now have the financial support that we didn’t have many years ago and we’re still trying to figure that out.

“Last year we had a lot of positives, we got a few things we needed. We hadn’t won at Liverpool in a long time and we understood it, we won at Arsenal, we won at Tottenham, a record number of away wins.

“It was all pretty good, the home form wasn’t that good which was so disappointing. The fans missed out on that. The Goodison loyalists wouldn’t have let us down with some of the performances we put in. home Last season we wouldn’t have gone out and cheer several times and I think we needed it, but we didn’t.

“It’s not like everything has to be ripped apart now and started again. But I know every manager is different and they will want to put their own stamp on things as quickly as possible and bring their own style and their own philosophy and nos. own players too without a doubt. We all need to be as well prepared as possible. “

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