Raesjon Davis deserves praise and shows the right attitude at USC

Excelling in sport, which is difficult, often comes down to this central key: being in the right position.

USC linebacker Raesjon Davis is trying to position himself to be a central player in a Trojan defense that will fight an uphill battle in 2022. Let’s be clear about this: no one should expect the ‘USC has a big or a particularly strong defense. The realistic goal this year is to have an average defense – not great, but not terrible. USC’s defense has been terrible far too many times in 2021. Just getting to an average level – moderately proficient, reasonably resilient, nothing spectacular – will elevate USC to a much higher level.

Raesjon Davis isn’t being asked to be spectacular, but he’s being asked to perform well enough to earn snaps and senior contributor assignments.

He’s not there yet, but he’s getting closer.

Davis puts himself in a position to be considered. It’s not where he wants to be, but it’s better than where he was a few weeks ago.

It’s progress on a list that won’t be a finished product anytime soon.

Ryan Kartje of the Los Angeles Times had more on this development during USC’s spring training:

Before you can be in the right position, you have to be in the position to get there. Raesjon Davis is heading in the right direction. For now, he will take it.

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