Provincial team selection sees Montrose footballers make history

Montrose Elementary School recently made history after two of its students were selected for the provincial soccer team.

Staff and learners at Parkmore School were delighted to learn of the selection of Maliyah Smith and Hannah Richen who became the first girls from the school to be chosen for a provincial team.

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After achieving this big goal that the majority of individuals could dream of, Hannah still had concerns about the sport.
“The biggest challenge I see and face in the world of girls’ football is that not many people join the sport. It’s not a very popular choice of sport for a lot of girls. It can be difficult to put together a team,” Hannah said.

Maliyah shared her recipe for success, which has made her supporters, families, friends and teachers proud. “You must be dedicated, determined and able to persevere in any situation. You need to have a positive mindset whether you win or lose and most importantly don’t be selfish with the ball. Don’t forget fitness, it’s a priority for everything.

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The future of women’s soccer at school looks bright to say the least.

“It’s a real testament that women’s sport is growing. These two young champions have always had that attitude in everything they’ve done and in return they’re now being rewarded with this wonderful achievement, which I believe , is just the start of bigger things to come. Montrose is proud of all of you,” concluded Makhosi Makara, Men’s Sports Manager.

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