Premier League star Jamie Vardy is on the verge of ruining his footballing credibility


Of course, Jamie Vardy wants to rebuild Rochester Rhinos football club. What English Premier League star wouldn’t want to buy a franchise in an American city with spiraling murder rate?

Vardy got engaged in a reality TV show meant to denounce Rhinos as Ozzy Osbourne from the sports world: a big one time that deteriorated into a train wreck (“Crazy Train”, we guess) and eventually became impossible to watch without feeling a pinch of guilt.

The international football community will wonder why Vardy signed on for a mad rush.

Jamie Vardy has become a Premier League star

Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy celebrates with the trophy after the Emirates FA Cup Final match against Chelsea at Wembley Stadium on May 15th 2021. | Alex Pantling – The FA / The FA via Getty Images

The story of Leicester City is almost too good to be true. Founded in 1894, the club has played in the upper echelons of English football from its inception but has been relegated a dozen times. The worst blow came in 2008 when Leicester City slipped to the Third Division for the first time.

And then something incredible happened: Leicester City returned to the EFL Championship division the following season and reached the Premier League alongside Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool in 2014.

Fighting against teams with long international CVs should have taken years. Instead, Leicester City won the Premier League title in just their second season. Observers have labeled them as “the unbelievable.”

Vardy, a 29-year-old forward at the time, was leading the charge. He has scored 24 times in 36 games and Leicester City finished 10 points clear of Arsenal. Vardy has scored 89 times in the league in the five seasons since as well as eight goals in 33 other appearances.

On May 15, Leicester City defeated Chelsea in the prestigious FA Cup final, 1-0.

Jamie Vardy took a stake in the Rochester Rhinos

David and Wendy Dworkin, owners of the Rhinos football team in upstate New York and minority investors in the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, revealed in mid-June that Vardy had purchased a minority stake in the franchise. of football.

“It’s a huge blow for Rochester and the Rhinos,” David Dworkin said in the ad, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

The Rhinos fell asleep at the end of the 2017 season in the second division of the United Soccer League, but intend to resume their activities next spring. Vardy will continue to play for Leicester, and his role at Rochester will be to help take the team out of the mothballs by recruiting players and taking on other duties.

It has not been said that Vardy’s participation will be the subject of a Love Productions USA documentary series, the credits of which include Last chance u, depending on the variety. That disclosure this week explained why a big football figure like Vardy would cross the Atlantic Ocean to work with a life-sustaining franchise.

Rochester rhinos have been a running joke

The Rhinos were founded in 1996 and have played in the second A-League division in three years. In 1999, they shocked the American football community by winning the US Open Cup with a winning streak against MLS teams.

The Rhinos played home games at a baseball stadium, but the Open Cup victory and the belief that the Rhino-era owners could land an expanding MLS franchise created the momentum for a football-specific stadium funded by taxpayers in a dilapidated neighborhood.

It all fell apart in less than a decade in a way worthy of It’s the spinal cock false documentary:

  • MLS has overtaken Rochester and its executives have stopped mentioning him as a candidate for expansion.
  • The drop in attendance led the team to default on its agreement to operate the stadium, which was seized by the city.
  • A new owner took over in 2008. The Rhinos went through a series of league changes and their 2013 edition missed the playoffs for the very first time.
  • The team lost their lease in January 2016, forcing the USL to exploit the Rhinos until the Dworkins took over two months later.

The Dworkins have fielded teams for two seasons. With attendance slipping to less than 20% of its 2000 season level, they have suspended operations.

Vardy’s job is to get the team out of dormancy. It will compete with beloved baseball, hockey and indoor lacrosse teams for corporate sponsorships in a community residents shun. He must convince prospects to come play in a city that has seen 34 homicides through June 24 – a higher per capita rate than Chicago this year, according to Reuters. Its mayor is currently pending indictment for alleged electoral fraud.

It may make television interesting, but Vardy risks sounding silly trying to revive football in a city that has seen several franchises die over the decades.

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