Olean City School District approves $253,000 budget for coaches | News

OLEAN – Immediately following the passage of a budget that necessitated curtailing or curtailing of academic programs and the elimination of several positions, the Olean City School District saw fit to adopt the list of coaches and counselors for the 2009-2010 school year, totaling nearly $253,000.

The amount paid to these coaches and advisers was questioned by a member of the school board, James Padlo.

“We are reducing the number of competitions for some of these sports,” he said. “Does this (allowance) reflect that?”

“Coaches and counselors are paid in accordance with the contractual agreement,” said school district superintendent Dr. Colleen Taggerty.

The stipends are in addition to the district’s teachers’ annual salary, according to the contract negotiated between the district and the Olean Teachers’ Association, Dr. Taggerty said.

In the current contract between the district and the teachers’ association, the amount earned by each coach is based on a negotiated index of 0.045 multiplied by $31,000. After a coach has coached for three consecutive years, the index is increased by 15%. After the six and nine points, this index increases an additional 10% at each benchmark.

“I believe that since the current contract was negotiated fairly and in good faith, we must honor the contract as is,” said David Laskey, president of the teachers’ association. “Rates are fair for what we do.”

Mr Laskey said that by scrapping the indoor athletics program cuts to athletics have been made. Additionally, the New York State Public School Athletic Association made the decision to reduce the number of competitions in several sports in an effort to help reduce athletic costs for districts.

The current negotiated contract will be his last year coming this school year. Mr. Laskey said salaries and extracurricular scholarships would be closely scrutinized during upcoming negotiations.

“I’m sure wages and everything (associated with it) will be looked at in the next negotiation,” he said.

According to the resolution adopted unanimously by the members of the school board, the total to be paid to the coaches for the year is $146,652.

Per sport, Olean’s coaching teams will achieve the following:

– Football – $25,826 (includes cheerleading at $1,395)

– Basketball – $22,729 (includes cheerleading at $1,395)

– Swimming – $11,919 (boys: $6,175; girls: $5,744)

– Tennis – $5,580 (boys: $2,790; girls: $2,790)

Some of the highest earning allowances for counselors include:

– Athletic Director – $7,766

– High School Student Activities Advisor (two positions) – $3,720 each

– Secondary Student Activities Advisor (two positions) – $2,319 and $2,015

– Treasurer of Secondary Activities – $3,209

– Treasurer of College Activities – $2,589

– Webpage Coordinator – $2,942

– Television Studio Coordinator – $2,942

In addition to positions with fixed allowances, four detention supervisors will each be paid $23 an hour.

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