Napa County Girls’ Soccer Player of the Year 2020-21: Salvestrin improves her fellow Braves | High school



Branagan-Franco is not the only coach to have named Salvestrin for the county’s player of the year. Period head coach Miguel Ayala has also recommended her for the top prize for the past two years.

“Miguel coached me with Napa United (football club) for a few years and he played an important role in my football career,” she said. “He really transformed me into the player that I am, playing top level football. I’ll try to help us qualify for the playoffs this year and prove that Justin can compete with all of these other teams.

She loves male coaches, no doubt, because she grew up with one.

“My dad and I always challenge each other and say ‘I can do better than you’ so I kinda pulled my competitive edge out of him,” she said. “But my coaches also pushed me a lot to do better.”

It’s easy to spot Salvestrin in a match. At 5’11, she’s the one who looks like a basketball player.

“I was pretty average height in high school, 5-4, 5-5, and then in first year and second year I had a huge growth spurt,” she said. “I learned to use my height to my advantage. I can take longer strides, get faster in the sprint, and be able to win balls in the air.

Having played baseball, she felt that in sophomore she would try to play softball for Justin-Siena.


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