Mountain statesman | Taylor County Sting U-10 women’s soccer team named AOTW



This week’s Taylor County Athletes of the Week are a special group of girls who work together to dominate on the soccer field.

Jenna Smith, Summer McCauley, Kenlee Fowler, Lexi Mlinark, Kayleigh Weaver, Bria Moore, Lylah Weaver, Ella Moore, Adree Wiles, Avery Alexander and Eliza Gouzd are the hardworking, pushy and selfless young girls who make up the Taylor County Sting.

As a member of the Taylor County Youth Soccer Association, the Taylor County Sting U-10 women’s football team have beaten opponent after opponent and are currently unbeaten with an 11-0 record.

Recently, the team traveled to Summersville to participate in the Kick or Treat soccer tournament.

After fierce battles against grueling competition in four competitions, the Sting won the championship.

With only three games to go in the regular season, the girls hope to protect their perfect record until the end and will take part in an end-of-season tournament.

The squad are coached by Andrew Moore and Justin Weaver, both of whom take pride in the work each member of the squad has done, with Coach Moore sharing that they really play and give their best in every game. , no matter what they are up against. .

Kudos to the Taylor County Sting U-10 Women’s Soccer Team for being named Taylor County Athlete of the Week this week and showing what it really means to be a team player.


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