Mississippi State’s Mike Leach “Happy” With Texas Tech Coaching Staff Success

In what has been billed as a grudge match against Texas Tech, Mike leach and his Mississippi State team suffered a 27-point loss in the Liberty Bowl. After the game, Leach reacted by getting blown up by the Red Raiders.

Texas Tech dominated Mississippi State in a 34-7 victory, and it came after Leach railed against his former bosses in his media availability before the bowl game. During his post-match press conference, Leach said there was no resentment towards anyone on the other side. In fact, Leach was happy to see some of the Red Raiders coaching staff being successful.

“Part of me was proud to see Texas Tech playing well, but any team that comes out and plays well, you kind of admire the artistry of what someone is doing,” Leach said. “It’s kinda hard when you get your ass kicked doing all that. If someone goes out there and plays well, it’s hard to dismiss them and not like them. Most of those coaches that got fired there, I know them and I trained them. There is a part of me that was happy for them. All the other things that have been stated, that doesn’t change any of the facts about it. I was happy to see the people I know doing well, but we definitely wanted to go and play this game well. We wanted to win this game and play well enough to do it convincingly. “

In a pre-game press conference, Leach took aim at former Texas Tech administrators as his 12-year legal battle with the university continues. The Mississippi state coach still believes he owes him at least $ 2.6 million for his dismissal in 2009.

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“I’ve been prepared to settle this matter for a long time, but they don’t seem willing to do it,” Leach said. “I think it’s unfortunate. I think all the people there are great, but some of the leaders, at least when I was there, were a little shady and gooey and dirty. I also liked naming names on it, which I might as well. We all know who they are. The folks at Texas Tech also know who they are. We should settle this matter, they should pay me and we should all celebrate the accomplishments together. It doesn’t seem to be what they have in mind. They said they had done an investigation or something. They never had an investigation. They lied about having an investigation. Then they will not produce the documents proving that they carried out an investigation. Well that shows how Kent Hance and some of his boyfriends, how shady some of these guys are. Let’s go ahead and see.

“Of course this is going to illustrate how they lied to the fans and everyone. Then they keep hiding documents about everything from sexual assault to everything else. Leadership from anywhere categorically hiding documents that the public is entitled to see, think carefully about that. It’s a shame because the good people in Lubbock, Texas and West Texas deserve a lot better.

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