McGlone siblings stand out from Worthington Kilbourne football teams

Mara McGlone watched closely as her brother, Brady, and the Worthington Kilbourne boys’ football team take on Thomas Worthington on September 8.

It was one of the few times Mara, a senior on the Wolves women’s soccer team, had seen Brady play in high school.

“I’m on it,” she said. “I love watching him play. I get nervous, but super excited when he does good things. I definitely get into it because I only hear about how he’s doing and how his games (have gone) when we talk about it when we get home (that night) So seeing it, especially in a rivalry game like the Thomas game, it was intense and I was into it.

Mara had seven goals and five assists as a forward for the women’s team, which was 7-3-1 overall and 2-2-1 in the OCC-Capital Division following a 10-0 victory on Franklin Heights on September 29. Brady, a junior defensive midfielder, had three goals and four assists for the men’s team, which was 5-6-1 on aggregate and 4-1 in the league following a 9-1 win over the Falcons September 29.

“One of (Brady’s) best strengths is his vision of the pitch and his football IQ,” said boys’ coach Jon Sprunger. “It’s not just the pitch 10 or 15 yards around him, but gaps and open lanes 20 or 30 yards in front of him. A lot of (players) his age, when they try to hit them, they just throw the ball forward. But he just drops bullets on people’s feet.

Mara scored a goal and Natalie Held had a goal and an assist to lead Wolves to a 2-0 win in the September 8 doubles opener against the Cardinals. Held had six goals and five assists, Kameron Goeppinger had four goals and three assists, Lily Banner had four assists and goalie Sienna Phelps had 54 saves in 11 games.

“Mara is very vocal, but matches her vocal presence with a physical presence on the pitch,” girls’ coach Meghann Moore said. “Last year she was our top goal scorer (with 15) and 75% of those goals came from her head from set pieces. She’s not afraid to really attack the ball… and really life. She’s just full of spirit and energy and she’s a hard worker.

Kilbourne's Brady McGlone (right) goes up for a header against Delaware earlier this season.

Brady was knocked off the scoresheet in the nightcap against Thomas, a 2-1 loss. Will Pope scored the Wolves goal. Griffin Thornton and Ty Norton had six goals each, Luke Gilbert had four assists, Will Heskett had 32 saves and Kyle Hayes had 19 saves in 12 games.

“(Thomas’ game is) the most I’ve seen her play this year,” said Brady, who was able to watch about two-thirds of Mara’s game. “I always want to see her succeed and I always want to see her score goals. So there’s always a feeling of nervousness.

“We usually play at the same school and (one of us is) home and (the other) is away. So there’s really no way for us to see each other. The only hope is that I play on a weekend and she doesn’t or vice versa. It’s really the only chance we’ll have to see each other.

Football is in the blood of brothers and sisters. Their father, Sean, played Wittenberg and their mother, Mandy, played Denison.

“Mara and I would go out in the backyard and play or go to our high school and play on the grass,” Brady said. “We were always very competitive with each other, so it wasn’t like we were out there kicking the ball around. Sometimes it got intense. Mara was always a part of that.

Mara is physical and skilled, and she also stands out on the women’s basketball team as a post player.

” She is very intelligent. She has good game sense and knows what to do at the right time,” Brady said. “She wins a bunch of heads, more than any girl playing football I’ve ever seen. She just throws her body and is physical.

Kilbourne's Mara McGlone (20) hits the turf after taking a shot on goal against Hartley earlier this season.

Mara and Brady, who are finer as players, will create clips to watch each other.

“We don’t see ourselves playing, obviously, so we’ll break down the movie together,” Mara said. “Watching Brady play live or watching his movie helps me because he’s a really good player. Seeing the things he does helps me think about myself in this situation and what I would do.

Brady and Mara’s younger sister, Lia, is a freshman on the junior women’s varsity team. Sean and Mandy have a plan to watch the three perform.

“We usually meet up in different places,” Sean said. “We are going to watch as much of the girls jv game as possible and then one of us will split up and go to the boys game. So we don’t watch a lot of football together.

Mara has the opportunity to watch Lia.

“(Lia) is one of the best players in the jv team,” Mara said. “We drive to practice; we go back together by car.

“We have a life-size goal in the garden and she will be there shooting and holding drills for herself. She really, really, really wants to work and be really good. His goal is to move on to college for the tournament.

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