Looking aside “is the hardest thing”

– After making some changes to the coaching staff this week, Wilks said he’s been spending a bit more time with defense (after taking over as interim coach in Week 6, he has spent most of the practice time on the other side of the Ball). But with the departure of cornerbacks coach Evan Cooper, Wilks (a former secondary coach himself) said he tried to be with his old squad more often this week. Defensive assistant Bobby Maffei takes on a bigger role, although he works primarily with safeties.

“With a short week, I just want to make sure I have my eyes on that side of the ball, especially with the changes we’ve made,” he said. “Going forward, we’ll see exactly what we need to do to make sure everyone is accountable for this position. More importantly, I want to make sure the secondary is detailed in the things we need to do.”

Wilks said with Don Johnson and Terrance Knighton managing the line after Paul Pasqualoni left, he and interim defensive coordinator Al Holcomb are dividing up the work to make sure everything gets done.

“The guys did a great job stepping up,” Wilks said.

Asked about the power on staff to make changes (and Wilks hinted at the possibility of helping out later in the year after that game is behind them), Wilks said he didn’t. didn’t like this characterization.

“I don’t like to use that word ‘power,'” Wilks said. “As I said to the coaches the other day, I try to hold the staff accountable so they can do their job and try to encourage these guys. But at the same time, when I say something, something said is something meant. So this responsibility is there. And it must be done.

–Wilks said cornerback Donte Jackson looked good in practice and should be ready to go, after Jackson dressed but didn’t play against the Bengals. Wilks was a little more circumspect when it came to defensive end Brian Burns, saying, “We’ll see exactly how things go.”

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