Longtime Florida Football Coach Ron Messick Joins New Beachside School

Ron Messick knew the Creekside women’s soccer team was ready to win a state title before the start of the 2022 season.

After coaching for over 30 years, it’s safe to say he’s developed a knack for predicting whether a team has the potential to win a state title. So it didn’t surprise him when the Lady Knights were last standing this spring, crowding around the 7A State Championship trophy for shots at the end of the season.

Her daughter, Lexi, was in these photos. The freshman assistant coach has accomplished something her dad has yet to accomplish – and hasn’t been quiet about it.

“She was quick to let me know she was the first to get one,” Messick said with a laugh. “I’ve had a lot of success. But not the rings.

Three Coach of the Year selections, 330 wins and countless records confirm Messick’s stellar legacy. And Messick, who still has a strong passion for coaching, hasn’t finished shaping it.

He will begin a new chapter in his coaching career as head coach of the Beachside women’s soccer teams. For the first time in his illustrious career, he will have the chance to build his own program.

The Record caught up with Messick to talk about his new journey.

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Beachside Women's Soccer Head Coach Ron Messick will create a new program for the first time in his career.

ML: What are your expectations for your first year at Beachside?

RM: I have a very competitive side so I want to succeed right away. The pressure is different than revitalizing a program and starting from scratch because it’s your baby and you don’t want someone to come and fix something you’ve built.

I don’t think we have to reinvent the wheel. There’s evidence everywhere here. You just have to get people to buy into the culture.

ML: What will the program look like?

RM: I want people when they play Beachside to know they’re going to have a tough game every game. We will play for each other. We’re going to play for school. We will play for that pride.

We will build a team that competes day after day, a family atmosphere where everyone supports each other.

I always expect to win straight away. I’m not going to use the mentality of the freshman program like, “Well, we want a few years to grow.” I’m not about that. I’m going to have expectations from day one. It’s the only way to be successful.

Do I think we’re going to win a state championship the first year? No, but do I think Beachside will ever be in a position to win one? Yeah.

I expect to make the playoffs in the first year.

The most important thing for me is knowing that your name will go down in history as a school’s first coach is exciting. When you’ve been coaching as long as I have, it’s that opportunity to be first.

ML: After such a long and illustrious career, how does this new opportunity at Beachside allow you to continue to seek greater success?

RM: I use a new challenge to motivate me.

I would never say my coaching career is going to be defined by X, Y, or Z. If I coach for another 10 years or whatever and never get another state championship, I’m not going to watch back and say my career was a failure.

It’s just a whole different challenge for me. So I’m ready for that.

I promise you will hear from us.

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