Lewisburg men’s football team off to great start in 2021


The Green Dragons won the 2020 PIAA “AA” state title and finished the season (22-0)

LEWISBURG, PA – 2020 was another magical season for the Green Dragons boys’ soccer program ending at Hershey in the state title game with Lewisburg crushing Deer Lakes 6-0. For head coach Ben Kettlewell, it’s time to pick up the pieces for another round. And so far 4 solid wins with one against Moravian Academy and the other against Crestwood.

“I have a lot of young people who are learning on the job right now and gaining experience. Once we start and have more games, I generally feel like they will thrive and that they will gain confidence, ”said Ben.

“I think it’s really important to get a lot of guys to gain experience. Like last year we had a deep bench and I think this year we also have a lot of players who can come in and get the ball back. So I think getting each individual player to improve again makes the team as a whole improve, ”said Carter.

“The key for this Green Dragons team this year is to replace 3 fantastic guys who lost to graduation and all their goals scored. Jack Dieffenderfer is at West Chester, Anthony Bhangdia plays at Tufts and Ben Liscum is at Penn State. Those three combined to score 100 or all 154 goals last season for a team that went (22-0) and won their 4th state title since 2000.

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“Almost every day over the summer we work as a team because we knew we had a lot. We lost almost 100 goals last year, so we knew we needed people to make it happen. step up and that’s really what we’ve been working on this year, ”said Philip.

“Last year I had to coach in a different way because last year’s team was different. I think we had more speed so we played a little differently than we do. now just trying to teach these guys a different way to play. But these guys are responsive and it’s fun going out with them everyday, “Ben added.

Rankings are one thing when it comes to this team. Reputation alone puts them high in “AA” until someone brings them down. Results are what matters and improving as a team is the goal now.

“This year I still think we have a lot of guys and quality so obviously the training is improving and it’s still there,” Carter said again.

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