LeBron James of Soccer – How The Pawn Stars Wrong About Christian Pulisic – Thick Accent

In recent years, the soccer world has seen an extensive American presence.

Whether it’s USMNT stars who shine in Europe’s biggest leagues or Ted Lasso on our screens, “football” as they call it, continues to gain popularity in the United States.

Fans have witnessed another intersection of football in American pop culture, this time via a rather unexpected source.

History TV’s popular reality show, Pawn stars, which features regular Gold and Silver Pawn Shop events, welcomed a visitor looking to sell a Christian Pulisic jersey.

Therefore, setting the scene for an intriguing but cringe-worthy exchange.

Normally, the long-running TV show could be counted on to give them their dose of history, especially given the number of historical memorabilia featured on the show.

On the other hand, this clip is riddled with inaccuracies.

Some of the clip’s most outrageous claims included a far-fetched comparison of the Chelsea striker’s stature in the game to that of LeBron James in basketball.

This was reinforced when an “expert” established parity between Pulisic and Messi and Ronaldo.

The salesman, who claimed to be a “huge football fan” and “even bigger Pulsiic fan”, managed to get the 22-year-old’s position wrong.

He said the winger was playing as a “central midfielder” or “center forward,” which raised reasonable doubts about the depth of his fandom.

Unfortunately, the sale was unsuccessful because the store representative decided to hand over the jersey.

It might be a decision he might regret over time, especially if Pulisic lives up to the massive expectations surrounding him.

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