Keldric Stokes of Thorp named Packers High School Coach of the Week


The Packers have announced that Keldric Stokes of Thorp High School in Thorp, Wisconsin has been named Green Bay Packers High School Coach of the Week.

Stokes, in his third year as Cardinals head coach, has his team on a 6-1 record as they and other schools in their conference have made the transition to 8-a-side football this season. Stokes returned to the Cardinals’ program after a 0-8 winless season in 2018. In three short years, he was able to change the attitude and culture of the program. While winning on the pitch is important to Stokes, impacting the lives of his players and the community off the pitch is even more important. Stokes often goes beyond the role of coach to ensure his players are prepared for success on the road.

“I’ve had young men who’ve had a hard time, whether it’s at home or at school,” Stokes said. “I talked to their parents and said, ‘Hey Saturdays, can they come over and we go to work on homework? “If there is no father at home you can come and see how I interact with my children and you come to spend time and be in a controlled environment… I had a young man living with my wife and our children for a year, and I think it was useful to give it another side and another outlook on life. That’s our goal. I always say to the players: if in ten years you can come back and telling me what kind of job you have and telling me about your family, that means to me that I did the right thing. It’s not always about winning. If you go to college and that you play [football], Great. If you don’t, I just want you to be successful and I want to play as important a role as you allow me to play. “

Stokes graduated from Benton Harbor High School in Michigan in 2002. Throughout high school, he participated in football, basketball and baseball. He played the quarterback under coaches Willie Wilson and Larry Featherstone. After high school, Stokes attended Huron University in South Dakota and served as a quarterback for the football team until it closed in 2005. He then transferred to UW-Stout where he played. quarterback role under coach Todd Strop. Stokes graduated from UW-Stout in 2008. His coaching career began at UW-Stout as a QB coach for the Blue Devils from 2006 to 2007. In 2008, Stokes became the offensive coordinator for one year at Bacone College in Oklahoma. . Stokes’ coaching career resumed in 2018 when he served as an assistant coach for the Thorp Middle School football program. In 2019, Stokes was named head coach of the Cardinals.

Stokes was surprised when he heard the news that he had been selected as coach of the week.

“It was shocking, but pretty cool! Stokes laughed. “It’s a testament to my players and my coaching staff. I’m surrounded by great people. You ask what kind of kid do I want around me, what kind of coach do I want around me? a good person. We can understand the football part later on, I just wanted to be surrounded by good people, and people who do things right, it’s contagious. The fact that I’m getting this award is for the team is for all the hard work they put in and I stick to the things I asked of them.The coaching staff and the long hours they put in, I have great people around me. Our administration has been amazing at school, the support we get to try to change that thing around; it’s not just a person, it’s amazing. “

Stokes and his staff oversee a 22-player program. Its assistant staff include Jimmey Lane, Alec Literski, Joshua Syryczuk and Shaun Marquardt. In addition to coaching, Stokes is also Internet Manager at Courtesy Auto & Truck in Thorp. Stokes and his wife, Shayla, have a daughter, Kae’Lynn, and three sons, Brayden, Callen and Jaxon.

About the Green Bay Packers High School Coach of the Week program:

The Green Bay Packers Coach of the Week program supports football awareness efforts by giving high school coaches the recognition they deserve. Nominations can be submitted by 10 a.m. every Monday to Ryan Fencl, the Packers Football Outreach Specialist, at [email protected]. All entries must include name, address, school, phone number, and the reason why he or she deserves the award. Continuing last year’s format, the Packers are looking for coaches to nominate regardless of how their teams perform on the pitch. On the contrary, the nominee could be honored for the way he transformed the programs, the impact of the team on the community or the impact of the coach on the players and their families.

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