Independent football player helps Kansas City win ECRL national title


Mo Carnahan is a football force to be reckoned with.

The home-schooled forward has enjoyed a stellar summer season with the Kansas City Track Club in the 15U ECRL (Elite Clubs Regional League).

This led to an invitation to join the ECNL (Elite Clubs National League) athletic team, for which she played a key role in that team by winning the 15U ECNL Women’s National Title.

“It was quite a summer,” said his father, Tom. “Lots of trips, lots of nervous moments and so much pride – I couldn’t be more proud of Mo than I am. She had a great summer and we enjoyed every minute of it.”

Although he admitted, “I think I had a little less gray hair, but it’s okay. It was worth it.”

Mo, an Independence resident who will be a freshman in high school, scored the tying goal in a 1-1 game that saw her team finish first in their group in the girls’ national final. ECNL in Florida and qualify for the Bracket Game in Richmond, Virginia. , where the tournament was moved due to Hurricane Elsa.

She was also instrumental in the national championship game-winning goal on July 18 in Richmond, as she landed a directed shot into the net by teammate Mary Long in a 2-1 victory over the San Diego Surf that none of the Carnahan family will ever forget.

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“She scored that tying goal with about two minutes left which kept her team moving forward,” her father said, “and she was involved in the second goal of the 2-1 victory with a little less than two minutes.

Home-schooled Independence student Mo Carnahan poses with the ECNL National Championship trophy after helping the Kansas City Athletics win the national title last month in Richmond, Va.  Carnahan was called up to the ECNL track team at the end of the season and made a big impact in the national title race.

“And they won a game on a PK (penalty kick, which Mo was not involved in). It was so exciting. Being the best team in the country was surreal. It was hard to believe, and that it was so exciting for these girls to win such a big event and all that goes with it. ”

Athletics ECNL head coach Vasil Ristov said Carnahan’s play was invaluable in the race for the national championship.

“Mo had a big impact on the team and was a very important piece of the puzzle for us during the national tournament,” he said. “Besides scoring goals, she also helped a few, but most importantly, gave her all for her team on and off the ball.”

Mo was thrilled to be invited to join athletics in what is widely regarded as the best youth football league in the country at the end of her club team ECRL’s season.

“I was wondering how the girls would accept me,” said Mo, which is short for Moriah. “After all, I was on another team during the season and here I was joining their team for the bigger games. But it was like I was part of their family right away. It took a little while to a few girls to really make me feel welcome, but once we started playing we were a family, a family that won a national championship. ”

Ristov said Carnahan was ready to make the jump to the elite level.

“Calling Mo to the ECNL team was something I knew was right and felt good to do it,” Ristov said. “Obviously having Mo at our club for several seasons and watching her grow as a player over the last few seasons, I knew it was only a matter of time before it happened to her.”

Mo Carnahan of Independence poses with her National Championship medal after helping the Kansas City Athletics win the Elite Clubs National League 15U Women's National Championship in July in Richmond, Va.

Carnahan will continue to play for the ECNL team next season, and Ristov is happy to have her back.

“All of her hard work and dedication paid off, but knowing Mo and her mentality, I know that she will not be satisfied and will continue to work hard to achieve her personal goals, but also help our team to repeat the national title again. , “Ristov said.” His desire to learn and carry out instructions given to him in the field are among the best I have seen. She is hungry motivated and does it.

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“… Mo is amazing in every way and she is highly respected and appreciated by all of her teammates, and every coach wants to have a child like Mo on the team.”

Although Mo was homeschooled, her father said there was a chance she would attend Fort Osage High School this fall.

“We are studying the matter and have not made a decision,” he said. “I know there are classes she could take and play for the team, although she’s still homeschooled.”

Mo will be happy anyway.

“I have met so many great people who play football,” she said. “I’ll be happy no matter what.”

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