HS Soccer: Abington Heights, Carbondale area resumes for first time in a year | Sports


S. Abington TWP. – Abington Heights footballers have reunited after practice to break up a secret conversation in a collective ‘comet’. Then he fled for the long-awaited aquatic break.

They took off their helmets and sweat all over their faces as the summer heat was overwhelmed during practice Wednesday night.

It’s July, but it’s also time to work in a volunteer session.

These athletes are adjusting physical and psychological stress from contact sports that they haven’t played since the last week of the 2019 season. Due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, Abington Heights and Carbondale Area High School were the only schools not participating in the shortened Lakkawana 2020 football conference and the second district season.

The two are back and ready to resume official training starting August 9 at the University of Pennsylvania Interuniversity Athletic Association with thermal adaptation. The first game of the regular season is scheduled for the weekend of August 27-28. The Carbondale area will host the Lakawana Trail on August 27 and Abington Heights will open home for Tankanock on August 28.

“I love football,” said Christian Resinsky, senior lineman at Abington Heights, who tackled a total of seven sophomore tackles in 2019. The Heat is what it is. You have to overcome this adversity, just as you had to overcome it in 2020. I am ready to play football again. “

Abington Heights last played the game in the 2019 District 2 Class 4A playoffs. The Comets ultimately lost to PIAA runner-up Dallas (56-14) to end the season 3-8.

Patrick Landers played along the playoff defense line and recorded two solo tackles. He finished in 2019 with a total of 16 tackles and 5 tackles. He has built strong relationships with his teammates and hurt those who lost their chances in the final year of 2020, but he is excited about the opportunity.

“If we were as far as we were it would obviously be a little slower, and it wouldn’t be the same idea as starting last season,” Landers said. “But I think we’re in pretty good shape for what we’ve been through and how it’s going.

“It’s been about two years since I last put the pad on, and I think everyone is excited about the first week of August.”

In the Carbondale area, first-year coach Jeff Arthur is excited about the program despite a layoff.

After years of bonding with junior football players, he spent the off season and encouraged students to join the team. In Wednesday’s session, the players enthusiastically attacked the exercise and paid attention to the training.

“I’m really excited to be the head coach here,” said Arthur. “I am really excited by the number of children who have come out. We are 57 from 9th to 12th, which is a very big number for us. The aggressiveness that the children show now, I am them I could not ask anymore. “

The last game in the Carbondale area was on October 25, 2019, when the Chargers lost to Mid Valley 33-0. Vinnie Depalma, who is expected to lead the team this fall, is one of the top athletes in the conference after running for 70 yards, 652 yards and four touchdowns in his first year in the game.

“Last year I didn’t even talk about losing the season,” Arthur said. “There is no refusal. It’s something we don’t even focus on or talk about. We focus on our improvement every day.

“We really came to train and some kids showed that they were there and wanted to be the leader of the team.”

HS Soccer: Abington Heights, Carbondale area resumes for first time in a year | Sports

HS Soccer: Abington Heights, Carbondale area resumes for first time in a year | Sports

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