How the Detroit Football Club played a role in finding NFL nicknames in Washington

Don’t like the Washington football team’s new nickname, the Commanders?

Feel free to blame a Metro Detroit football team.

Jason Wright, president of the Washington NFL team who unveiled his new nickname on Wednesday, told ESPN the team is also strongly considering renaming the team the Washington DC Football Club. But some diligent research has revealed significant issues with this moniker.

Team officials soon learned that the DCFC – which could have served as shorthand for the football team – is already used by the Detroit City FC football team in Hamtramack. DCFC also uses the colors burgundy and gold, the same as Washington’s NFL team.

“If we had gone with this without doing that verification, not only would the name have been in jeopardy, but the burgundy and the gold would have been in jeopardy,” Wright told ESPN. “They could have said we own the brand and the colors, you have to change both your name and the colors.

“That would have been the ultimate disaster.”

Wright told ESPN the organization considered more than 1,000 nicknames, and even cold-called many of the team’s fans, before settling on commanders.

By not going with the DC Football Club, it avoided a situation that the Cleveland major league baseball team found by going with the Guardians. This name was already used by a Cleveland roller derby team, which led to legal issues before the parties reached an amicable resolution. The Guardians will begin play in 2022, after the ball club replaced the Indians nickname.

The NFL team has played the past two seasons as the Washington football team after shedding the Redskins moniker, which is widely considered racially insensitive.

DCFC was founded in 2012 and begins play in the USL Championship in 2022.

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