How revamped coaching staff will impact recruitment

Now that Michigan Football’s coaching staff is finalized for the 2022 season, what will that mean for recruiting in the Class of 2023 and beyond?

Michigan Football has finalized its coaching staff for next season and despite losing both coordinators, the Wolverines have built a strong team led by head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Josh Gattis may have made things a little more public when he left, but Mike Macdonald left for the NFL and he went to work for Jim Harbaugh’s brother so it wasn’t a big surprise.

Shaun Nua also left earlier in the offseason for USC, so in total Michigan football hired three new coaches: Jesse Minter (DC), Grant Newsome (tight ends coach), and Mike Elston (tight ends coach). line D/recruitment coordinator).

Minter was the DC at Vanderbilt last season and has experience coordinating multiple defenses in college football. He also knows Macdonald from their time in Baltimore together, which should make Macdonald’s transition to Minter easier.

Recruitment should also be an easy transition. Macdonald has close ties to the state of Georgia and Minter too. He was DC at Georgia State and was named Sun Belt Recruiter of the Year by in 2015.

Those southern ties will help and in terms of other hires, they should be a net positive when it comes to recruiting, and here’s why.

Michigan football’s new recruits expected to help with recruiting

Newsome is highly regarded and word is Harbaugh was going to take him to the NFL if he took the Vikings job, so Michigan football is lucky to have him.

Newsome has also worked with Sherrone Moore and the offensive line in the past, and it will be easy for him to eventually become an offensive line coach. He should also be spectacular on the recruitment track.

The fact that Michigan football kept Moore and actually promoted him was also essential. He was the team’s top scout and was far more important to overall operations than Gattis, who essentially stepped away from scouting to focus on play calls.

If you add Matt Weiss (QB coach) and Ron Bellamy to the wide receiver mix and the Wolverines coaching staff seems like a clear upgrade to me, at least in terms of offensive recruiting.

On the defensive side of the ball, Jay Harbaugh has proven he can recruit any position. He did an outstanding job at running backs and killed it with tight ends in 2022.

So he shouldn’t have any problems and the Wolverines should be helped by the presence of Elston on the scouting track, who was also the scouting coordinator for Notre Dame.

Add to the fact that Steve Clinkscale is now the defensive co-coordinator and will be on staff for a full recruiting cycle, and it’s easy to see that staff should be able to muster a solid in 2023. Clink should also help the Michigan. presence in Ohio.

Macdonald also didn’t seem very interested in recruiting, which is another reason why his return to the NFL makes sense. The recruiting schedule is brutal if you’re not used to it.

So while results on the field remain to be seen, in terms of recruiting Michigan’s new football staff should be even better than they were before on the track.

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