Holland’s Christian football pushes Holland back into rivalry showdown


HOLLAND – It’s been almost a year since Holland Christian’s boys’ football team faced then-No. 1 Holland in perhaps the best edition in rivalry history.

The Maroons watched the game’s lone goal take an odd rebound off one of their defenders and end with a 1-0 win for the Netherlands in the district final – a battle of the No.1 teams against No.1. 2 in the state in division 3.

It left the returning players feeling unfinished, despite being a new season with a new team, and the Maroons were able to score one of their goals of the season with a 3- win. 1 in the Netherlands on Monday.

“It’s a big stepping stone for us. Before the game we definitely had that chip on our shoulder, ”said Holland Christian’s Landon Culver. “We had a bitter taste from last year. It was a great victory, but we are still hungry. This is just the start for us.

The rivalry was again a No.1 vs. No.2 battle, although the teams are in different divisions this year. The Maroons are No. 1 in Division 3 and the Dutch are No. 2 in Division 2.

Holland Christian's Kirby Eggers passes the ball past the Dutch defense on Monday, September 27, 2021 at Holland High School.

“I think it’s unspoken. I never talked about previous seasons because the team dynamic is changing. But wasn’t that suitable for children? I am on. But it’s not a revenge tour, it’s a new season and a new team. We are going to do our best and give the best of ourselves, ”said Holland Christian coach David DeBoer. “It’s always an interesting dynamic because there are so many relationships with children. Everyone is buddy-buddy until the whistle blows.

When the whistle sounded to kick off Monday’s edition of the rivalry, it was the Maroons who were able to find an early spark.

Less than four minutes into the game, Parker Fenton threw a ball towards the goal which found Culver’s header at the last second, and pushed his way into the goal.

“Parker had a great pace. He beat the defender on the wing and had a really nice ball that I was able to get with a header, ”Culver said.

Holland Christian's Lucas Freriks (3) looks to keep the ball away from Dutchman Brett Timmer (17) on Monday, September 27, 2021, at Holland High School.

It was a quick pick-up that changed the dynamic early in favor of the Maroons (9-1-2).

“Once we got settled in we were able to dictate the tempo a bit more,” DeBoer said. “We were able to store one

even when I thought we were settling in. Goals change games and that had to change the way they play. They were able to recover one, which doesn’t surprise me. They are a good side. Then that was how we were going to react.

The first 10 minutes of the second half, we were able to put the pressure on.

The Dutch tied the game 1-1 with a goal from Timothy Phillips and it lasted until half-time.

In the second half, the Maroons were again able to line up a quick strike in the first five minutes when Kirby Eggers lunged for the goal, made a swing, then threw a shot that hit a defender’s leg. , then Holland’s fingertips. goalie Nolan Currier and found the back of the net.

“Kirby is raising the bar with everything we do. To be able to play alongside a player like that, I feel honored. He has a very high football IQ. It really rubs off on the rest of the squad,” said Culver. “This year it’s all about creativity. Last year we felt a little one-dimensional with what we were doing. Being creative and thinking about the future is a big part of us. We want to keep going. move forward and take greater advantage of these opportunities. ”

Eggers took another chance a few minutes later when he made a move and fired another shot on goal. This time Culver grabbed the rebound and put it in the net.

Holland Christian's Kirby Eggers takes the ball onto the pitch during a game against his rival across town Holland on Monday, September 27, 2021, at Holland High School.

“For us, it’s still the mentality of the next five (winning the next five minutes). After a goal we want to try to push it because we know that’s when the teams are weakest, so we try to hit as soon as we can and then defend well after that ”, Culver said.

This gave the Maroons a 3-1 lead less than 10 minutes into the second half.

“Kirby and Brandon Walters are pretty dynamic in the middle. Their decision making has increased dramatically. When they are able to create and make good decisions, it gives us a lot of opportunity, ”said DeBoer. “Landon is a dynamic athlete. He’s the fastest kid on our team and he works really hard. It’s fun for me to see him have success on the pitch. He put himself in the right position, and it was huge. “

It was a seismic change in momentum, one the Dutch couldn’t bounce back from.

“They put pressure on the ball and moved with intensity. We lacked a little energy in the second half, and they went quickly to the ball. The quick goals had a mental impact on us and we struggled to overcome that, ”said Netherlands assistant coach Hector Garcia. “(This rivalry) is one of those games that you want to play all the time. For the seniors, we no longer have the ability to replay them like we did before, so we take a hard hit on that one. But we’ll turn the page and move on to focusing on the bigger picture at the end of the season. “

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