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GRAND FORKS — The captains of the Grand Forks Central women’s soccer team sometimes have unique two-day practices this spring.

Senior Hannah Hynek, her sophomore sister Claire Hynek and junior Annika Presteng lead the Knights in soccer, but all three also run in track at Central.

With the wintery spring in Grand Forks this year, the soccer team practices from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the central gymnasium, while the track and field team practices indoors at the Fritz Pollard Jr. Athletic UND Center from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

For Hannah Hynek, Grand Forks’ only all-state selection from 2021, she’s used to the grind. She has been acting as the Spring Double Athlete since she was in seventh grade.

“It’s been really fun but stressful,” she said. “If you have to miss a practice, you miss a whole day to keep improving and you can’t be with your teammates all the time. You have to try to find the balance. »

Hannah Hynek, who has signed a letter of intent to compete in women’s soccer at Jamestown University, says central women’s soccer coach George DuBois and central athletics coach Sean Allan have been supportive .

“They both really embrace it, and I’m so grateful for that,” Hynek said. “Communication is what is essential and what makes it work. If I’m tired or need a break they are more than willing to give me time. I’m super grateful for that.

Grand Forks Central’s Hannah Hynek tries to intercept a pass from Fargo forward Shanley Lindsey Astrup (left) during a women’s soccer game at Cushman Field on Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Nick Nelson/Grand Forks Herald

For central football, the Hynek sisters are a key part of the attack. Both sisters scored seven goals last year for the Knights, who finished 5-8-1 in 2021.

“(The Hynek sisters) offer a combination of athleticism and football ability that gives us a pretty bold offensive presence,” DuBois said. “They have a good understanding of how to play against each other and against their teammates. This gives defenses two things to think about.

The captains, along with a few others, attempt the dual role of spring athlete for DuBois.

“It’s a lot on their plates, but something we’re willing to work with to expose our kids to different experiences,” DuBois said. “The three leadership roles mean they have very good heads on their shoulders and are able to perform these two complex tasks in a pretty impressive way.”

When track games and competitions begin to resume more often at the start of the regular season, dual athletes need to be more selective about their options.

“If there’s a track meet on Friday, I might do two or three events at the start and then go to soccer afterwards,” Hynek said. “I did it last Friday. I try to touch both as much as possible.

100321 S GFH GFINVITE HannahHynek01.jpg

Hannah Hynek (929) of Grand Forks Central sprints straight through Lincoln Park during the Grand Forks Invite Women’s 5k Race on Saturday, October 2, 2021. Nick Nelson/Grand Forks Herald

The Knights finished fifth in the East Region last season, narrowly missing out on a state tournament berth.

“(Getting to the state tournament) is always the underlying goal,” DuBois said. “As far as realistic expectations this year, I think they are in place. We need to be able to put together complete games. Technically and tactically we are there, but we have a bit of work to do with a sustained mental and building trust, something this group seeks to advance.

Grand Forks Women’s Football at a Glance

Coach: Jason Heidt.

Record 2021: 2-11-1.

Key returners: Sophia. MF Maggie Barker; jr. F Lucy Halvorson; jr. Mr. F. Cassidy O’Halloran; jr. F Annick Lawson-Body; Fr. MF Brenna shock absorber; Fr. Dr. Addison Fargo; sr. Dr. Lily Costello, Jr. Mr. F. Grace Schindler; jr. Dr. Sydney Jennings; jr. MF Kiran Lee.

Top new arrivals: Sophia. G Eden Parkinson; jr. MF Brooklyn Bergeron; soph. M F Morgan Hartze.

Coach Heydt says: “I’m excited for the year. We are 0-2-1, but we have a lot of talent. We’ve improved every game and now we just have to clean up a few things. If we do that I see goals scored and we will start winning games. »

Coach: George DuBois.

Record 2021: 5-8-1.

Key returners: Sr. F Hannah Hynek (7 goals, 7 assists last year, all conferences, all states); soph. MF Claire Hynek (7 goals, 2 assists, all conferences); Fr. D Madisyn McLaughlin (1 assist); Fr. M. F. Lauren Reardon; jr. MF Annika Presteng (1 goal); Fr. MF/D Emily Common; Fr. Dr Makynli Dickelman; sr. G Rylee Gallagher; Fr. MF Aubriell Kraemer.

Top new arrivals: MF Jacie Reardon, eighth grade; MF Rowan Olmstead, eighth year.

Coach DuBois says: “I think our strengths are in the makeup of our comebacks in the sense that a lot came back from last year, so instead of relearning and rebuilding, we were able to tactically pick up where we left off last year. We have a good base in place.

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