Gold for St. Paul U19 Yung Boyz Football Team

The St. Paul’s U19 soccer team won gold at the provincial championships held in Camrose earlier this month.

LAKELAND- Despite stiff competition, the St. Paul U19 soccer team won the provincial championships held in Camrose on July 10th. The St. Paul Yung Boyz won over Athabasca 5-0 and captured the gold medal in the 2022 Servus Youth Tier IV Provincial Championship Finals.

The tournament was very competitive, filled with champion teams representing their respective regions across the province, said Alfred Ndose, the St. Paul Yung Boyz’ first head coach. He said all teams deserved to win.

Ndose said the St. Paul Yung Boyz handled every game at a high level, pushing them to stay on top of their game. He added that the mentality gave them an advantage over other teams.

“We don’t go into a game like, ‘Oh, we’ve already qualified, we’re ready for this,'” he said, explaining that the team treats every game they’ve played as if it weren’t. was the last. “With that determination, we had that burning desire to win every game.”

The team also faced a few challenges including travel and scheduling, but Ndose did not consider these to be detrimental as the team, including their parents, worked together to ensure the players were accommodated. .

According to Ndose, achieving victory also would not have been possible without discipline and hard work, and the trust between the coaching staff and the players was a key factor. In addition to Ndose, the team’s coaches this season were Maurice Brousseau and Henri Laidley.

Ndose said he was grateful because the coaching staff allowed him to show off his coaching skills. He added that he was also grateful to the players for trusting him to lead them throughout the season.

“Some of them say, ‘I like to play this position,’ but depending on the game in front of you, you say, ‘Okay, look, I have to change you to this position,'” he said. he declares. However, he added that players understand that sometimes it is necessary to change things for the benefit of the game.

“The parents too, their support has been huge. They’ve been amazing – they’ve gone to the games and cheered on the boys,” he said.

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