From Camper to Rookie, Mahlmeister Comes to Shawnee State | Sports


IRONTON – Finding players who compete at a high level, especially in multiple sports in high school, is always a welcome sign when a program seeks to add quality with a penchant for victory.

For Ironton St. Joseph goalie Jimmy Mahlmeister, the opportunity to play for a program like Shawnee State was appealing from the start, as Mahlmeister participated in SSU camps from a young age.

He will now be able to dress for the Blues and Whites for real – from the 2021 season.

“It means a lot to be able to sign with SSU because it’s the university in my hometown,” Mahlmeister said. “I attended many of their basketball and soccer camps growing up. I have always attended college and wanted to be a part of its growing success.

Family is very important to Mahlmeister.

This is made evident by his decisions and the way he behaves.

Whether he was talking about his high school career or his choice of college, that was the topic of the conversation.

“It meant a lot to play for St. Joe because most of my dad’s family attended St. Joe’s and they were on the rise in their athletic programs when I entered high school. My older brother (Justin) attended SSU and was on the football team as a goalkeeper so it’s cool to follow in his footsteps.

In addition to Justin who played a big role in his arrival at SSU, other factors also played a role.

“What attracted me to the program was its growing success,” said Jimmy. “In 2019, the team matched their best overall record in program history. Growing up, I had been on campus several times. It’s a very beautiful campus and I wanted to be a part of the Shawnee State culture.

It’s safe to say that being able to stay home meant a lot to Mahlmeister.

Having the ability for the family to come to their aid easily during the game is something that is unmatched elsewhere.

While football was what Mahlmeister would focus on during his college years, it didn’t tell the story of his high school years.

He was an athlete in five sports including football, baseball, basketball, golf, and soccer (for Ironton High School).

However, juggling the five and setting aside time for school was a challenge, as it would be for anyone.

“It was great to be able to play five sports, but it wasn’t easy,” said Mahlmeister. “During the fall I played three sports and it was difficult to try to balance football, soccer and golf in addition to homework, but I had great coaches and teachers who made me feel like it. helped with whatever I needed when I needed it. “

Mahlmeister, however, not only played five sports, but excelled in all five, totaling achievements such as recording the most save by a goalie in school history.

In addition to his soccer exploits, Mahlmeister was an all-state talent in soccer as well as soccer, and was named all-district in basketball, baseball, and golf, earning SOC player honors from the year in football.

While Mahlmeister has had more personal success in sports than most of us could ever dream of, that’s not what matters to him.

“Personally, I would love to accomplish anything that helps the team,” said Mahlmeister. “I was never really all about personal stats. I just want to see my team succeed. From a team perspective, I want to accomplish winning seasons, conference championships and national championships. I also want to see my teammates succeed.

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