FC Dallas Mavs Play-by-Play announcer calling for Olympic football – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth


Mark Followill is used to calling the Dallas Mavericks and FC Dallas, but his career is about to turn international again.

“It is a broadcaster’s dream to host the Olympics. I was so lucky in 2016 when I made it to Rio [Olympics]. We were in Stamford, Connecticut, calling the games remote. I found out about a month or two before I was going to call the football games there and it was so amazing, ”Followill said.

He said calling any match remotely adds another level of challenge, but it’s not just a precaution in a pandemic, that sort of thing happens a lot. He also mentioned that he was really thrilled that he didn’t have to make the 13-hour plane ride to Tokyo to be a part of Olympic history.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t really appreciate such a long trip,” he joked. “But I’ve done a lot of football over the past 10 years. My time with FC Dallas has helped someone establish themselves in the American football broadcast scene. And then I had other international opportunities. I was still surprised when they called me and said they wanted me. He just arrived in January. I didn’t know how or what to expect after they were postponed and I didn’t know what the coverage would look like and how they would be limited. So yes, I was surprised to receive this call.

Followill will host men’s and women’s football matches thousands of miles from actual venues.

“We’re going to cancel the games off the monitor and that’s what we did in 2016. That’s how a lot of sports have been played in the past at the Olympics. A large percentage due to health and safety now and the limit on how many people can travel to Tokyo which helped as we trained with this but each game takes me several hours to prepare . Said Followill.

He said that while he was excited to call the games and see the action, it’s the people behind the action that make him most proud to cover an Olympics again.

We don’t just cover sports. We cover people who play sports. Everyone has a story, and this is the opportunity to tell people’s stories. It’s a really unique and fun part, ”Followill said.

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