Fans and local footballers look forward to the Tokyo Olympics – NBC Connecticut


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are officially underway, and the people of Connecticut are excited to watch some of their favorite sports.

“My husband and I watch gymnastics and we love swimming,” said Meg Roy of Terryville.

“I love to see the surf this year, it’s going to be cool to watch,” said Linda Toczko from New Britain.

“Women’s soccer and women’s basketball. I have been a football and basketball coach so we love it. Our kids played there, ”said Bill Toczko of New Britain.

Whether they’ve played the sport, their kids do, or they’re just fans, it makes many Connecticut residents want to connect.

“All the athletes compete like that at such a high level. You know they’ve done all of this hard work to make it happen, so it’s just fun to watch, ”Bill Toczko said.

“Simone Biles is just phenomenal,” said Linda Toczko.

“What they have accomplished and overcome has been great to watch,” said Roy.

Young players are also delighted to see their favorite sport on the international stage.

“There is something to look forward to. I know not all sports are at the Olympics because I also play lacrosse and it’s not even at the Olympics, ”said Sydney Bronk-Zdunowski, a footballer from Berlin.

Bronk-Zdunowski competes in the Farmington Sports Arena (FSA) Elite Summer Academy, an elite summer academy for top travelers and gamers.

Sal Ditomasso, who played football before he could even speak, coaches players and helps them hone their skills, with the goal of taking them forward and maybe one day playing for the United States squad as well.

“The sport is growing, it is gaining ground, we have a lot of young players, they can nominate players for the national team and it’s great to see them have these aspirations to continue and play for their country,” said Ditomasso , a club administrator at FSA.

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