Ex-Patriotic thinks coaching situation will negatively impact Mac Jones

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is gearing up to attempt to make the all-important second-year leap.

But a former Patriot believes the jump will be made more difficult given the question marks surrounding New England’s coaching staff.

The Patriots haven’t named an offensive coordinator since Josh McDaniels left as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, and New England appear to be leaning heavily on Joe Judge and Matt Patricia to lead the staff. of offensive coaches, even though both have spent the majority of their NFL coaching careers on different sides of the ball.

Jason McCourty see everything hurt Jones’ development.

“You’re never going to hear anyone (in the team) say anything in the media… but it’s definitely going to be a big deal. It has to be,” McCourty recently said on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football,” according to ESPN’s Mike Reiss. “If you’re Mac Jones… who do you go to and say, ‘I want to play these plays this week?’ »

While McCourty thinks the coaching conundrum could stunt Jones’ growth into the most important position on the court, another former NFL player didn’t see it that way. In fact, Robert Griffin III believes just the opposite of McCourty.

“The coaching setup will have a huge impact on Mac Jones in a good way,” Griffin, who is now an ESPN analyst, told Reiss. “Mac has spoken before about how it’s been a collaborative process with coaches and players speaking in meetings, setting up the offense. And I believe that will lead to more ownership on his part of what’s called and how he sees the game.”

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