Dover-Sherborn junior Waverly Sumner leads the girls’ soccer team


BELLINGHAM – A wave crashed into Bellingham High School on Wednesday evening.

Not a real one, however, just Dover-Sherborn’s women’s football player, Waverly Sumner. The junior entered the competition with a rip current – having scored all four of her team’s goals before Wednesday’s game.

And on the Bellingham turf, things continued to flourish for Sumner.

After DS took a 2-0 lead, Sumner, who almost missed out with knee pain, appeared supple as she sprinted easily past a defender and scored her fifth goal of the season. year in the right-back of the net.

The Raiders ultimately won 7-0. In five games this fall, Sumner has scored five goals.

“Waverly is an electric footballer to watch on the pitch,” said DS athletic director Emily Sullivan. “When she’s in the game, good things happen for her and her teammates.”

“Waverly is a special player,” said DS coach Evren Gunduz. “She’s super motivated, a student of the game and has had an impact on this team since she was in first year. His presence on this team made everyone stronger.

Waverly Sumner, Dover-Sherborn High School Girls' College Football Junior, September 15, 2021.

One of four members of a team that won a Division 3 South title in 2019, Sumner paved ways for his teammates throughout his three years of high school. And now she’s in the driver’s seat.

It was a field trip for Sumner, who has always loved football.

“When I was younger, around 18 months old, I was just a really funny walker,” Sumner said. “So the doctor put a ball at my feet to see if it would prevent me from tripping and I started dribbling her down the halls. I fell in love with it from there and have been playing it ever since.

Sumner joined a club team called Total Soccer FC growing up, which included many players from the current DS roster. He was coached by former semi-pro player of English origin Lee Grainger. Eventually, the program was unable to continue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so Sumner joined FC Stars.

Dover-Sherborn High School Girls' College Football Team strikes a powerful pose ahead of their game in Bellingham on September 15, 2021. Left to Right: Head Captain Ava Beninati;  junior Waverly Sumner;  Kathryn Mahoney junior;  Cadet Marty Phillips;  Zoe Schwartz senior;  and junior Marielle Goganian.

As ECNL member RL Blue U17, the scoring bug seems to persist for Sumner regardless of which team she is on. In the NEP Regional Cup last June, his team fell 2-0 behind. But the forward was there to make a splash, scoring two goals in a 3-2 return win.

“My club coach was the person who initially put me in the forward position,” Sumner said. “As soon as I started I knew this was my position. I like to score. There is no better feeling.

Scoring points has also been Sumner’s thing this fall. First, she conceded the lone goal of a 1-0 win over Medway in the Raiders’ opener of the season. Then she had a hat trick against Millis as she scored all goals in a 3-0 win on September 10 before adding a goal and helping in the Bellingham bust.

Waverly Sumner, a junior girls' varsity footballer from Dover-Sherborn High School, goes after a ball in Bellingham on September 15, 2021.

“We knew Wavy was going to come in this season and be as strong as she always has been,” said Gunduz. “It’s pretty special to see her rise to the occasion. It draws a crowd.

“As she scores the majority of our goals, she will be the first to thank her teammates for the great pass that set her up,” said Sullivan. “She is a very humble student-athlete who continues to grow every year.”

With a five-goal team in five games, Sumner stands out for the Dover-Sherborn women’s football team.

And the tide is only rising for Waverly Sumner.

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