DCHS Soccer Talent Allie Wilbur signs with Waynesburg University

March 13, 2022
By: Dwayne Page

Allie Wilbur, a gifted senior Lady Tiger football player, signed a letter of intent Friday with Waynesburg University to play college football for the Lady Yellow Jackets next season after graduating in May.

Waynesburg University is located in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.

Members of his family, his coach and other players joined Wilbur in the signing.

In addition to continuing his football career, Wilbur plans to study forensic investigation at Waynesburg.

“I will be majoring in forensic investigation and pursuing a career in crime scene investigation,” Wilbur said. “I chose Waynesburg because I felt it was the best opportunity because I could get the forensic training I wanted, and I could also play football at the next level, which was a big goal. C It’s a really good opportunity and I believe I can grow there,” she said.

During his high school years, Wilbur anchored the Lady Tiger football team on the left wing.

“I have really enjoyed playing for Coach K and the Lady Tigers for the past four years. They have been the best years of my life and I have made a lot of close friends. I have played left wing. The wing left is outside the left side of the field, and I pretty much moved the ball up and down that sideline and put it in midfield for the striker and created goal-scoring opportunities,” Wilbur said.

Allie said she developed a love for football at an early age and has been playing the sport since she was little. As a high school football star on the women’s team, Allie followed in the footsteps of her father Andrew Wilbur who also played football at DCHS for Coach K on the men’s team.

“Allie was a good captain. She’s a quiet leader and doesn’t talk much, but she leads by example,” DCHS football coach Dylan Kleparek said. “This year she’s been a real leader for us on the team, not just on the pitch but in the way she’s acted, and, by the way, the other girls have followed her in that attitude. Allie has scored several goals. She played on the left wing for all four years and was a hard worker on the pitch. Allie also had plenty of assists where she put the ball in the box and gave others people the opportunity to score. She’s got a strong left leg and she’s a strong player,” said coach K.

The fact that Allie was also Coach K’s first second generation player also made his coaching experience that bit more special.

“I coached her dad (Andrew) in the boys program and seeing Allie doing the girls program too was really awesome. Andrew was on the first two teams I had. After 20 years I’ve been around long enough to see the next generation and that’s pretty exciting,” he said.

Waynesburg University is a private university located in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1850 and offers undergraduate and graduate programs in over 70 academic concentrations. The university has over 2,500 students, including about 1,800 undergraduates. Waynesburg University is a member of the Presidents’ Athletic Conference (PAC).

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