Dabo Swinney and Bruce Arians react to new Clemson Tigers coaching staff

Clemson announced the promotions and new contracts of several Dabo Swinney staff on Tuesday.

In the wake of offensive coordinator Tony Elliott taking the head coach position at Virginia and defensive coordinator Brent Venables doing the same in Oklahoma, Swinney responded with statements released by Clemson:

“I am happy for those who have had the opportunity to become head coaches and some of our young staff and peripheral staff who may also have opportunities to accompany them, but these changes create opportunities here,” said Swinney. “And, man, I’m just really, really turned on by the people we have in place.

“I have always been very proud to develop our players and develop our team, but I am also very proud to develop our staff. Sometimes it’s not possible to promote from the inside out, but these are really easy decisions for me, just as it was an easy decision for me in 2014 to name Tony (Elliott) as caller and Jeff (Scott) as co-coordinator. “

Swinney promoted defensive analyst Wes Goodwin to one of 10 coaching positions, appointing him linebacker coach and senior defensive coordinator to replace Venables. Mickey Conn, who coaches Securities, will be co-DC while Todd Bates and Mike Reed have also received promotions.

“I’m very happy that Wes is the defensive coordinator and Mickey the coordinator, and I’m also thrilled with the opportunity to promote Mike Reed as special teams coordinator and Todd Bates as assistant head coach to fill. this void that Tony left behind, ”Swinney said. “We have a great staff. “

Goodwin, a relatively unknown backstage right-hand man to Venables, previously worked for the Arizona Cardinals before returning for a second stint at Clemson in 2018.

Here’s what then Arizona head coach and current Tampa Bay HC Bruce Arians had to say about working with Goodwin:

“Wesley is one of the best young defensive minds I’ve ever worked with. He’s been with my team for three years in Arizona and I’ve watched him grow defensively and offensively the whole time. a bright, brilliant One thing is for sure – they’re going to be an offensive defense type and know he’s going to do great things with this opportunity.

Offensively, Swinney replaced Elliott with QB coach Brandon Streeter as offensive coordinator and offensive analyst Kyle Richardson as tight ends coach and passing play coordinator.

“Offensively, there is no one more deserving than Brandon Streeter. Unlike Tony and Jeff in 2014, he called a lot of plays in his day, ”Swinney said. “He was a coordinator when I hired him, and he left as a coordinator to come to Clemson. What an amazing job he did with Deshaun Watson, amazing job he did in recruiting and developing Trevor Lawrence and what he did from a passing point of view. Last year we had more yards per game than any team in Clemson. He is so deserving, so well prepared. He had the opportunity to go to the NFL, he had several opportunities to be an offensive coordinator in the SEC and elsewhere, but “Street” stayed here and was patient knowing that an opportunity would arise – and that moment has come. I’m really excited that he’s taking the reins and leading us into this bowl game and into the 2022 season.

“And I’m thrilled to hire Kyle Richardson as well. Dude, Kyle was one of the best high school coaches in all of the South East. Talk about a guy who’s been patient. I hired him, I think he had just made his third straight state championship appearance, and the same as Streeter: he had opportunities and he stayed here for a chance to train at Clemson. . He’s one of the brightest, best-prepared guys we have to take on that role and be the tight ends coach and passing play coordinator. He has a great sense of football. He brings great leadership ability after being a head coach for a long time. It’s a great next step for him. He’s done a lot of different things within our program in support staff roles, and I’m really excited to see him get this opportunity, like when I hired Mickey a few years ago, but we didn’t. had no changes that gave us an opportunity to have it on the ground until now. I am so grateful that he remained patient and grateful that now I have the opportunity to hire him.

“Our staff is fixed. We’ll have other things taking place in terms of support staff and things like that as we restructure, but I’m really happy for them. Thad Turnipseed, I can’t say enough about him. He has a great opportunity with Brent and I’m happy for Brent because Thad can certainly help him. I am so grateful for Thad; he’s been with me for many years now, and what an amazing job he has done helping me navigate so many different things in terms of external affairs, facilities, etc. He’s fortunate enough to become Brent’s chief of staff and really help him in many areas Brent wants them to grow up in. Happy for Thad and his wife, Melissa, and I am grateful to them.

“As I move forward, I am excited and energized by this deserved opportunity for so many of our staff in new roles. But above all, I am happier for our players. More than anyone else, they know what this group of coaches is capable of, and the enthusiasm of our players to see them in these roles has been incredible.

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