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Jacob Rice

Iowa State senior Mira Emma kicks the ball during the Cyclones’ game against Grand View April 14 at the Cyclone Sports Complex.

For the past few years, Iowa State head football coach Matt Fannon has been determined to create an environment where culture is what drives and motivates his team to excel every day. The demand to excel might be a challenge for some, but certainly not for the athletes on this team. Energy is the main fuel for their fire.

“A lot of the details of who we want to be has been something we’ve fought hard for the last two years,” Fannon said. “Culture is not a conversation, it is a behavior, it is a habit; a lifestyle.”

As the 2022 season approaches, what is not always highlighted are the demands of being a student-athlete. The football program has academic expectations of 3.5 GPA and a minimum of 20 hours of community service per athlete. These qualities not only provide a sense of responsibility and discipline, but also set a standard for the quality of the team they wish to achieve.

The intention on the pitch is to always work together and keep their chemistry alive even in the face of challenges or bad days. Over the years, they have maintained this philosophy, but this year the urge is noticeable, and the efforts go beyond the scale.

“Having half a team that’s new, it takes a while to mesh everything,” Fannon said. “But what really helps is that we were incredibly intentional with the people we brought into the team.”

The main objective is to establish trust and responsibility towards each other on and off the pitch. While some goals don’t have exact measurement points, Fannon urges his team to always look out for each other and be aware of who they are and what they represent.

The general standard is consistency and getting the team to have confidence and believe in their game. It is important for them to always be themselves and believe that they are a statement team.

“Coming onto this team, I wanted to put Iowa State on the football map, so I’m making sure we prove ourselves day in and day out and earn your spot every time you step onto the field,” said senior Mira Emma. .

Taking on Memphis later this week, the Cyclones are trying to be consistent and play their game faithfully.

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