Coach Smart and players continue preparation for SEC match


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Coach Smart and players continue preparation for SEC match

ATHENS, Georgia. University of Georgia Head Football Coach Smart kirby, along with a pair of players previewed Saturday’s SEC game against Missouri. The Bulldogs and Tigers will kick off at 12 p.m. ET in Athens, Georgia.

University of Georgia Head Football Coach Smart kirby met the media at the weekly Southeastern Conference teleconference while the juniors Jaylen johnson and Warren ericson offered feedback after practice.

The Head Coach Smart kirby
Opening statement…

“We’re excited to have another SEC home game. It’s an early kick-off, 12:00 pm. We challenge our fans to come out, support us and be there early and early. on constant improvement. This is the stadium we are in right now, working really hard against each other to grow and improve as a team. “

Takeaways from the Atlanta Braves World Series victory…

“There are always lessons you can learn from other teams in other sports. We try to incorporate them when they do. Try to give (players) messages of persistence. Baseball is a very long season. Lots of games. Our sport is a little different, in the number of games. The physique is definitely there in ours, when it comes to that. A lot of our guys are Braves fans. I know they them. follow, but we’re focusing on Missouri right now and getting ready for them. But, where we can use lessons like that, we’re still trying to do that. “

On what he learned under Coach Richt in 2005 …

“Just a lot of things about football. I’m learning to manage it. I was a young coach then. I had been a graduate assistant for two (years), full time coach for three (years). A lot about recruiting. “Lots of relationships. Coach Richt’s behavior and team management. Things like that. It was a valuable year, probably mostly because I was on the other (offensive) side of the ball.” “

On the CFP Top-4, the head coaches are all on the Alabama staff in 2015 …

“It’s probably not a coincidence. I think a lot of it comes from where you train? How fertile is a recruiting area? When you win you have people on your staff who get jobs. So number one you have to recruit well and you have to win to get that opportunity. When that happens you usually get good opportunities. A lot of the guys you refer are at very well established universities that have the opportunity to recruit well and be successful. Their administration supports them in these places. Probably why these guys went for these jobs, they were good jobs, in terms of being able to earn and do things. has a lot to do with it. Obviously Coach Saban and his influence is a big part of that. There are a lot of teams out there that have people on staff from Alabama. I think that if you were doing a study, there would be someone from almost every staff member who overlaps at one point or another (in Alabama). Lots of guys overlap over time. “

At Darnell washington and Ariane Smith

“They’re both doing great. Darnell’s foot is almost fully recovered. His stamina continues to improve. Being able to play snaps and do things. He did a good job pushing. improving every week. Arian, much the same. way. “

# 23 | Jaylen johnson | Jr. | WR
On saving playing time …

“It will always be difficult to break into training for any position in Georgia because of the talent and depth that we have. You have to do what you can, know your role, embrace it, and you have to empower. every game 100% effort. That’s what I try to do every day; focus on myself and try to be the best player I can to help the team. “

Being the team ranked n ° 1 …

“It’s really cool to be number one. I’d be lying if I said no, but you can’t pay too much attention to it because of the last seven number one teams in this ranking only one has won the national championship. So it’s kind of rat poisoning like Coach Smart says, we haven’t proven anything yet, all we’ve done is secure a place in the SEC championship, which isn’t it. that we want to do. We want more than that. ”

On the practice with the team …

“It’s really good everyday here. The iron sharpens the iron. I’m going against the best quarterbacks in the country, and I love it because I wouldn’t like it any other way. It makes the game easier because we’re going against probably the best competition we’ll see in training every day. Our battles definitely make us better on both sides. ”

# 50 | Warren ericson | Jr. | OL
On the Atlanta sports curse …

“It certainly looks like there was a sports curse in Atlanta. I think tonight was hopefully the start of something special to get sports in Atlanta on the right track. What a huge victory. . It was so much fun to watch. I think it’s really cool for the state of Georgia and Atlanta in general. “
At Zamir White touchdown run against Florida …

“At first we were going to throw a counter play. We knew we had the right leverage up the line. We saw where they moved. I knew what I had to do. I knew I had to. get a strong kickout in order to open that seam so he could run. As soon as I had enough space, I saw him come down the field, and there was no more blue jersey. was so pumped up. I sprinted as fast as I could. It was such a cool time to finish the game. “

On how the University of Georgia helps her grow as a person …

“There’s a long list. There’s a lot. I’d say it’s the way you behave as a man, the way you treat women, the way you do the little detailed things for. giving good overall picture, respect for others and communication. There is just a huge list. I completely have to be who I am today and who I continue to want to be at University of Georgia and Coach Smart and his coaching staff. They taught me so much about being a man. “

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