Choosing Consolidation Loan

Choosing a consolidation loan is a big deal. This loan will combine all your obligations into one installment, which will accompany you for a long period of time. We know from experience that customers take out such loans for a long period – usually eight or ten years. Amounts of loans taken are also considerable and usually range around tens of thousands of dollars. There are also customers who take maximum parameters, i.e. USD 150,000 for ten years. These are serious commitments and one should approach them with a great sense.

Best consolidation loan

Best consolidation loan

Due to the nature of the consolidation loan described above, it’s worth making some effort to choose the best consolidation loan. After Good Lender commitments for many years, you will be accompanied by a new installment and it would be good to keep it as low as possible.

There are several banks in Poland and virtually every one of them has such a product on offer. So the choice is big, which is the first good news. Another good news is that you don’t have to go to banks and look for the best offer. You also don’t have to crawl a number of websites to find the best deal for you.

Take advantage of the benefits of the internet


The technology used by financial services has developed a lot in recent years. Thanks to this, you can find many offers in one place and even apply for a loan online. This is a great help. In this way you save a lot of time and you are sure that you have made the right choice.

To find out, you can check our consolidation loan ranking. It is integrated with the lower installments calculator. It works very simply. Using the three sliders you choose the amount of the new loan (which is the sum of your obligations that you want to combine), set the number of installments you pay every month and specify the amount that you want to choose additionally for your own needs. In a split second, the algorithm will compare the offer of many banks for you.

Our ranking

Before we get to the search results, it’s worth asking yourself – how does credit ranking work? In fact, it requires a lot of work to be able to present it. Each of the banks offers is subjected to a detailed cost analysis. Banks have a very diverse offer. To this end, we analyze in detail each price parameter of the loan, in particular, the amount of commission, interest rate and the amount of insurance, if any.

What is extremely important is the fact that these parameters come from the so-called representative example given by the bank. The representative example mentioned is a detailed list of costs for the loan amount chosen by the bank and the repayment period. Thanks to this you can be sure that the installment amount that has been calculated is correct.

In other words, in the ranking, you see the real, real offer that is available in a given bank. Using this representative data, we can publish the installment amount in dynamic terms (by changing the loan amount and matching amount you can see how the installment changes). By default, the loan period is set to 120 months. Of course, you can adapt this period to your own needs by observing how it will affect the installment amount.

Our offers

We are currently comparing offers for seven different consolidation loans for you. You can choose from:

  • Cream Bank consolidation loan
  • Consolidation loan of Lite Bank Polski
  • Good Bank consolidation loan
  • Plane Bank consolidation loan
  • Rally Bank consolidation loan
  • Aluminum Bank consolidation loan
  • consolidation loan of Mobile Bank

There is a lot to choose from. To make your choice easier, we present at the offer of each bank, among others such information as:

  • amount (consolidation amount + matching amount)
  • new installment amount
  • amount of monthly savings (if your monthly installments decrease)
  • number of people interested in this offer

In a few seconds, you will be able to choose an offer for yourself. You can apply for most of them online, thanks to which you can do almost all the formalities without leaving your home (you will only go to the bank to sign the contract).

It is also worth paying attention to the issue of the installment amount and thus the loan price. In general, it can be said that the lower the installment, the more demanding the bank is for the customer. The higher the installment, the more relieved the bank is to assess customer credibility.

So, if you have a perfect credit history in BIK, high creditworthiness, an easily documented source of income, you do not have payday loans – you can freely decide on the cheapest offer. However, if you have ever suffered minor payment delays, you are currently paying back payday pay – consider an offer with a higher installment and at the same time a higher grant.
We wish you a successful hunt for the cheapest consolidation loan.