Brian Cashman doesn’t blame Aaron Boone, coaching staff for disappointing Yankees record


Brian Cashman has been unwavering on at least one element throughout this uneven – and ultimately disappointing – start to the Yankees’ 2021 season: Don’t blame Aaron Boone, or the fourth-year manager’s staff, for that.

“It’s not Aaron Boone’s problem, and it’s not a coaching problem,” Cashman said Tuesday before the Yankees ended a four-game losing streak with an 11- win. 5 on the Angels at the Stadium. “They have my support. They are doing what they need to do. We just aren’t getting the results.”

This matches how Cashman has responded all season when asked to make changes to his canoe staff, be it Boone, the GM’s longtime manager handpicked to replace Joe Girardi. after the 2017 season, or members of his staff such as hitting coach Marcus Thames or pitching coach Matt Blake.

“It’s not something I believe in,” Cashman said on June 15, when asked about potential mid-season staff changes, something he did not do. during his tenure as Managing Director, which began in 1998. “And that’s not the case. means I’m not willing to make changes if I thought they were warranted. But I don’t think so. they are justified here …[This is] the same coaching staff and the same manager who has been very successful here. We are therefore tasked with finding a way to fix what is afflicting us. And the ultimate responsibility for this is me. I told our staff that I wasn’t planning on letting us fail… we have very good coaches who know what they are doing, I think we have a very good manager who knows what he is doing. made.

When Cashman said the words, the Yankees were just 33-32. They jumped from that unimpressive mark to win seven of nine games, including a three-game sweep of the offensive juggernaut, but they quickly stalled. It has been the case every other time this season when the Yankees looked ready to come out of the crisis they were going through at the time.

“It’s easy from my chair to suddenly say ‘you know what, let me throw something overboard just to please the masses’ and it’s harder to stick to what you do. have it because you believe it, ”Cashman said Tuesday. “These people care. They work their [butt] disabled. They are really good at what they do. We don’t get the results. I am the head of baseball operations. It’s more about me than them. “

The Yankees entered Wednesday at 41-38, fourth in the AL East, 7½ games behind the AL East leaders Red Sox, who swept the Yankees at Fenway Park last weekend, and 5 ½ behind the Rays, second.

Cashman hasn’t ruled out the Yankees selling before the July 30 trade deadline, although that is not the preference or, at the moment, the intention. The goal is for the Yankees to buy, with an outfield, depth of rotation and a left-handed bat among the areas of need.

“This is our intention [buying at the deadline] because we’re not giving up our season, ”Cashman said. “There is enough time left, but there is a huge frustration with the way it is going right now because we [gave] too many away games, we did not live up to our expectations and it’s done [us] sometimes elusive. We’re used to so many different things. “

And while the Yankees haven’t been in sell mode by the trade deadline since 2016, that possibility cannot be ruled out outright, a pre-season possibility that we would have laughed at.

“Is there a chance that we are sellers?” Said Cashman. “Hey, if we’re falling like a rock then you’ve got to regroup and reassess. Obviously we’re trying to fix what we have, fix what we have ourselves and add to it if we can. it’s outrageous at one point, so you have to have different conversations. “

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