Ben Johnson, Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator, NFL Profile

The revamped Detroit Lions offense has a new leader in Ben Johnson.

After playing quarterback at North Carolina from 2004 to 2007, Johnson got his first coaching job at Boston College as a graduate assistant in 2009.

In 2011, the young coach was promoted to tight ends coach before leaving for the NFL.

The Miami Dolphins hired Johnson in 20212.

During his tenure, he held a myriad of roles, including as assistant quarterbacks coach, tight ends coach, assistant wide receivers coach, and wide receivers coach.

According to the Lions team website, “Johnson helped TE Lions TE TJ Hockenson become the team’s first tight end to win a Pro Bowl since 1999 after Hockenson finished third among all NFL tight ends with 723 receiving yards. Johnson, Hockenson had the most touchdowns (12), second-most receptions (160) and third-most receiving yards (1,673) a Lions tight end has ever produced in three career seasons.”

When the attack struggled to move football and score points last season, Johnson became part of the solution as he was put in charge of the passing game and had more influence on how the attack was managed.

Now that he’s been appointed as the next offensive coordinator, Johnson is expected to pick up the pace in attack, while maintaining the balance between managing the game and taking deep risks.

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Head coach Dan Campbell told rookie minicamp how the offense could be different in 2022.

“The ability to shoot, take the line if we need to and, one word, one call. Whether it’s high tempo or not, we may be back on the line,” he said. he declares. “No tempo, we don’t huddle, which in itself puts stress on the defense. It’s just about getting our guys comfortable with that, so we’re offering our rookies some of that stuff right now. C “That’s what we’ve done with the vets too. But he (Johnson) is doing a great job. Everything is, everyone’s on the same page. A lot of that, simple as it is, is just to have the staff on the same page with what I want Ben does a great job and uses his creativity with that.

The primary goals of the 2022 attack are to focus on the opposing defense and to be able to take advantage of every weapon available to the coaching staff.

With several new wides added to the roster and the development of running backs already on the roster, Johnson will be tasked with deciding how to allocate ranges and wide targets.

“You just want to get to the point where you know that offensively you can do anything and everything in your arsenal to focus on defense. We don’t want to feel like we’re limited by what we’re doing offensively, schematically, verbally, verbiage, communication, whatever,” Campbell further explained. “Our limits should come from ‘Well, this player doesn’t do it well. This player does it well. “We never want to feel like we’re the ones holding back our attack as a staff, let’s put it that way. We think that’s going to allow us to do the maximum we can do.”

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