Arnold’s boys football hope to win it all for second year in a row

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Around the same time last year, Arnold’s boys’ soccer team was 7-0-2, and the reigning state champions are not starting this year very differently.

The Marlins are 8-0-1, and not only are the records similar, but this season’s goal is the same as the last.

“I think our goal is to prove that we are as good as last year to stay on top and start all over again,” said footballer Arnold Ben Lebdaoui.

Even though the goals and unbeaten status are the same between the two teams, their style of play is different.

“Last year’s team, we were able to play a certain way and dominate the pitch, no matter who we played against, but this year we’ve lost a lot of key players, so we have to kinda the way we play a lot of games, the training, the style what we have to do and our team has been able to really adapt to play against more difficult teams in different ways and come out with wins, ”said Lebdaoui .

This style works for them as they outscored their opponents 46-4.

Almost half of those goals have been scored by senior Braden Masker, who has scored 18 so far this season and an average of two per game.

“He’s improved a lot for us, but we have other guys who can score. That’s the thing, they think we can stop Braden and then someone else steps in. That’s what I love about this team, it was the same as last year’s team so you can’t stop one of us because someone else will take over “Said head coach Jonah Hammond.

Arnold has a clash with Niceville on Thursday and will then have a little break before hitting the road again at the end of the month.

The team are heading to Mississippi to play Ocean Spring and Gulfport and test their skills against teams they have never seen before.

“I’m delighted, we usually never travel that far and it’s a first for our team and it’s really going to get us out there and known. They see our record from last year 25-0-2 and they’re not happy that we have a huge target on our back and we’re going to go out there and show ourselves, ”said Marlins player Quintin Hotop.

Coach Hammond said if the team were able to have consecutive unbeaten seasons and state titles, they could be the first football team in the state to do so.

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