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Texas A&M Football “top 10 gauntlet in three games”Continued to wreak havoc with the Aggies, resulting in the brown-and-white’s second straight loss of the season.

After a 1-0 loss to the Florida State Seminoles, No.1, A&M entered Garvey-Rosenthal football stadium on Sunday, August 22, ready to defeat the Christian Horned Frogs of Texas, No.8 In the end, a sold-out crowd with fans clad in purple and white, coupled with an unusually lackluster offensive performance, proved too much for the Aggies.

Head Coach G Guerrieri said he was disappointed with the overall result of the game as he knows his athletes are capable of performing at a higher level.

“We can’t play as badly as we started and expect to get a [winning] result against a quality team like TCU, ”said Guerrieri.

The Horned Frogs managed to take the lead in the 11th minute with a goal against their own unfortunate side, deflected by senior A&M defender Karlina Sample.

Three yellow cards and several free kicks throughout the first half gave Brown and White plenty of scoring opportunities, including a last-second push through the middle, but none came to fruition.

The home side doubled their lead in the 77th minute when a low kick from midfielder Gracie Bryan, connecting inside the box, gave the ball just enough spin to find the back of the net .

In true brown and white fashion, the Aggies recovered to one in the 76th minute. Sophomore Taylor Pounds caught the Horned Frogs off guard by leaving their usual midfield position and pushing into the box to score their first goal of the season. First-year forwards Maile Hayes and Makhiya McDonald each got their first college assists in the process.

A final push to the center by A&M ultimately failed, locking the score at 2-1.

Brown and White struggled in almost every tangible stat of the night, trailing their opposition on shots, 10-6; penalty shootout, 3-1; fouls, 15-8; and corners, 5-4. The only slight advantage for A&M came in the form of six yellow cards called up against the ultimate winner, although the aggressiveness of the home side apparently paid off.

Until Sunday, the Aggies had maintained a perfect 13-0-0 record against the Horned Frogs. The teams last met just four months ago, when A&M won 1-0 over his then number. opponent ranked 3rd.

Guerrieri said that although the game was close on the scoreboard, the Horned Frogs more than deserved their victory.

“We didn’t play well enough to win,” Guerrieri said. “TCU took advantage of it, as do the top 10 teams.”

The Aggies start Fort Worth with a 0-2-0 record, marking the first time the team opened the regular game schedule with two losses since its inaugural season in 1993.

A&M currently holds the third longest active streak of consecutive winning seasons in college football, posting a CV over 0.500 for each of its last 28 campaigns. Having fallen below that mark so far this season, Guerrieri said his athletes have serious work to do if they want to fight for the league titles at the end of the season.

“We will be happy to come home and have a solid week of training and training,” Guerrieri said.

The Aggies return to action on Saturday, August 28 for the team’s home opener when the No.7 Clemson Tigers travel to Ellis Field in College Station. A&M will be fighting not only to secure their first win of the season, but also to prevent themselves from starting the season 0-3-0 for the first time in the history of the program.

Saturday will also highlight the return of the annual Brown-and-White Fish Camp game, consistently ranking among the busiest college football games in the country. Tickets are now available for purchase at 12thManFoundation.com, and any freshman or counselor who attended Fish Camp can get free entry by wearing the t-shirt they received at camp.

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