Alumnus Jessie Vilkofsky Hired As MASL’s First Female Executive Director

Wheeling, WV – From 2011 to 2013, Jessie Vilkofsky roamed Bishop Schmitt Field on the Wheeling University women’s soccer team. Nine years later, she is still involved in the sport of football as she makes an impact at the front office. On Friday, the Dallas Sidekicks of the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) announced the hiring of Vilkofsky as general manager after joining the team last year as chief operating officer.

Vilkofsky also goes down in MASL history as the first female general manager in league history. Asked about the start of her new role, Vilofsky told that it has been one of her goals since being hired last summer.
“It is an absolute honor to be able to fulfill a role for this historic organization,” noted Vilofsky. “It has always been my goal to become General Manager since I was hired. I am beyond excited to take on this new role and impact other areas of the Sidekicks organization.”

The Dallas Sidekicks are members of the MASL and made the MASL playoffs last season. They battled the Kansas City Comets and were tied 1-1 after regulation and were forced to go to a minigame. Unfortunately, the Sidekicks would go down 3-1 in the minigame, ending their playoff series. During the season, the Sidekicks went 12-15 and qualified for the MASL playoffs. After their loss, they were recognized with two players, Juan Gamboa and Mike Jones, doing second-team All-MASL honors. Among her first duties as general manager of the Dallas Sidekicks, Vilofsky said her goal was to continue serving the community and building relationships that create positive movement.

Vilofsky began her career at Wheeling University in the 2010 season when she was recruited by the former women’s soccer coach and current athletic director. Carrie Hanna. During his four seasons in a Cardinals uniform, Vilofsky scored nine goals and three assists while totaling 21 points. She was the team’s top scorer in the 2012 season, when she scored five goals and one assist in 17 games played.

She was a leader for the program in the early 2010s and looks to continue to be a leader and trailblazer for the Dallas Sidekicks in 2022 and beyond.

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