Al Washington and the Irish staff played a key role in Owen Wafle’s choice of Notre Dame

Although he just finished his second year of high school, the Princeton (NJ) defensive lineman The Hun School owen Waffle has already made his decision to be part of the Notre Dame recruiting class of 2024. A big part of that decision came down to the coaching staff, who continued to impress Wafle and his family throughout the process.

Between Al Washington, Al Golden and Freeman, the program was able to close on Wafle even through a series of coaching changes. Each one stands out imminently for their impact on the New Jersey standout, who has advanced her timeline for a decision due to her enthusiasm for what Freeman and his staff are building.

“Notre Dame was recruiting me at first, but when some of the coaches left, that went quiet for a while,” Wafle explained. “It took about a month and a half to two months before my coach heard anything.

“When Notre Dame called my coach one day, I got their information and we started communicating weekly until I got the offer about six weeks later,” Wafle continued. “I was talking to the coach (Chad) Bowden and Coach Washington once a week thereafter.

These coaching relationships created the foundation for Wafle. The shutdown appeared to end during spring training when the 6-foot-3, 270-pound defensive lineman and his dad took a trip to see the coaches and the team.

“We started building relationships beyond that day. I went there to visit the campus, to do the complete tour and I could meet some other commits”, he explained. “It was cool to go back up there and see it all again, seeing the practice, seeing how everything is going, meeting Coach Freeman and Coach Golden.

“It was definitely one of the coolest moments of my entire recruiting,” Wafle continued. “I say what influenced me the most in the beginning was probably listening to Coach Freeman and asking Coach Golden to call my coach once a week to talk about me.”

The connection with the staff extends beyond traditional banter and love for the Notre Dame program. His future defensive coordinator, a guy from New Jersey himself, holds another unique connection to Wafle.

“Coach Golden and I are both from the same city,” he said. “We went to the same school for a year and he kinda yells at me for leaving school.

“Coach Golden is hilarious. He’s really funny and gets the job done,” Wafle continued. “He has these defense secrets that I don’t think a lot of people have. football before coaching at Penn State, he just has a great football spirit. He’s also one of the nicest guys there. You can really bond with him.

By all accounts, Wafle’s deepest relationship was with Coach Washington, of whom he couldn’t have been more complimentary. Washington deserves a lot of credit for closing this one.

“(Coach Washington) is one of the most professional guys I’ve ever met, he’s a legit guy,” Wafle explained. “When I went up there, he was telling us what I would be doing there, showing us a movie. He knows what he’s talking about, he has all these cool exercises and techniques he gave me to work on.

Honestly, he’s just a really nice guy,” he continued. “I think I’ve built the best relationship with him. He’s one of the guys you can talk to or go to if you need anything. He’s a really cool guy. When we We were talking, we kind of stopped talking about football for a while. We just talked about life. It was really special and fun for me.

Ultimately, Freeman’s impact cannot be underestimated. While each coach deserves his own credit, it was his plan and the staff he put in place that apparently put the whole country on notice. His impressiveness extends beyond his recruiting prowess. This is something Wafle noticed.

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“Every other head coach I’ve met always has this guy at the door telling them your time is up with them,” he explained. “With Coach Freeman, we literally sat with him for forty minutes and just talked. I think that might still be the best conversation I’ve had to date.

He’s a legit guy,” Wafle said. “I see him taking Notre Dame to a national championship in the next two years. He’s the guy I want to lead my football program.

This latter sentiment is shared by many Notre Dame fans and devotees. The impact of the coaching staff continues to make waves across the recruiting landscape, including Wafle.

Wafle is ranked 182nd player overall in the nation and 12th defensive lineman according to Rivals.

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