A player denounces that there is a “perversion of minors” in football in Peru – CVBJ

A Peruvian footballer has disclosed details of an alleged case of “underage perversion”.

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Peruvian footballer Cindy Novoa assured this Thursday that when she decided to leave the University of Sports a year ago, she did so because there was “a perverted junior trainer.”

“In 2019, I gave it all up and made it clear that professional ethics are non-negotiable. At that time, we had a perverted minor trainer ”, Novoa said on social media.

“For my part, I seek equality in my sport. Can you imagine being in my shoes? There, I leave the data and investigation, ”he added.

Novoa, who in 2019 was awarded as the best player in the Peruvian league leading her team to become national champion, left college at the end of this season and was subsequently hired by Alianza Lima, the eternal rival of the cream team.

The footballer explained that now she feels ready to explain the reasons why she left college since she will not continue next season at Alianza and is a free player.

Despite the fact that many fans understand the importance of Novoa’s complaint, another good part has limited themselves to berating him in the networks for his departure from the University to Alianza and accuse him of seeking visibility for revealing the case a year later.

Although Novoa does not identify the technician of his accusation, your complaint may concern Juan Pablo Durand, who was in charge of the University’s women’s team from 2017 to 2021, including the period the footballer wore the cream jersey.

Durand’s name appeared in a September statement from the Feminist University, a group of women fans of the Lima club, in which they accused him of “harassment of minors” and they claimed that the conversations he had with the players were more typical of a “pedophile profile”.

This group also criticized the previous administration of Universitario for not having taken action against Durand, which would have left the players “powerless” and “exposed to uncomfortable situations of revictimization in the face of the abuse of power exercised over them”.

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