3 Huge Changes The Carolina Panthers Coaching Staff Need To Make Against The 49ers

What huge changes do the Carolina Panthers coaching staff need to make ahead of their Week 5 clash against the San Francisco 49ers?

The Carolina Panthers head into treacherous waters on offense against the NFL’s best defense in Week 5. With one of the most dominant top seven in football, the San Francisco 49ers will be looking to further stack the misery on Baker Mayfield and an offense that has been a significant disappointment in 2022 so far.

The Panthers’ curtains are closing on their hopes of securing a wildcard spot. But in all fairness, even if they manage to pull off a win at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday, the playoffs already seem too far away in Matt Rhule’s third year in office.

Carolina’s offense seems to be going in the wrong direction. Wide receivers don’t create separation on men’s coverage, and Mayfield’s inaccuracy exposes the passing game. Angled passes have become commonplace, leading to more and more turnovers that are costing the Panthers dearly.

It’s a copycat league, so it’s only going to get worse if something doesn’t change. Ben McAdoo and Rhule have failed to put together a modern plan, stuck in their own way with what they want to do no matter the outcome.

That being said, here are three changes for the coaching staff to consider against the Niners and their top-ranked defense in Week 5.

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